On Art and Aesthetics

Serguei Zlenko at work

“My approach to art evokes a Wittgensteinian philosophical equation which holds that, ultimately, the reality of existence is something which cannot be reduced to logic or pure fact or, as Renoir had it: ‘There is something in the painting which cannot be explained, and that something is essential,'” says Serguei Zlenko, born in 1960 in Georgia, educated in Moscow and now based in Helsinki, Finland. “While the tradition of realism constitutes the foundation of my art, the works always approach reality as a challenge, as something which must be interrogated by both painter and viewer.”

Serguei Zlenko’s subjects include detailed topographical studies (land- and seascapes), ballet rehearsals and performances, carnivals, domestic portraits and mysterious surreal works containing marionettes and sculptures and quills and parchments. One notable work shows a shower of currency notes. All paintings are bright and colourful, radiating some very positive vibes.

The artist is a member…

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