Some words just shine on you and reflect like zillions of lights altogether: “Presumably there is indeed no purpose in the ultimate fate of the cosmos, but do any of us really tie our life’s hopes to the ultimate fate of the cosmos anyway? Of course we don’t; not if we are sane. Our lives are ruled by all sorts of closer, warmer, human ambitions and perceptions. To accuse science of robbing life of the warmth that makes it worth living is so preposterously mistaken, so diametrically opposite..” – Excerpt from The Selfish Gene that Dawkins regret for not renaming as The Immortal Gene or The cooperative Gene.

Whenever you have a shortage of purposefulness and your world become nihilistic, just call your loved ones. The ultimate reality of cosmos can never or should never take away your good feelings.

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You & I – 6 (Silverlining)

I: I want to talk to you.

You: Why don’t you?

I: Because after all those, I feel scared of feeling in a certain way which drags me down everytime. You know how I can say many harsh things.

You: Yes, you are ruthless.

I: So, I also don’t want to say something irrational again to shock you more.

You: Good that you care.

I: I know that we all have our own problems in our present and adding more to that and feeling stressed are probably we both can not afford.

You: Then why do you complicate things time after time?

I: Deep down, I still have deep emotion for you, and the many trauma I went through and risked myself with were and are pretty self destructive that I feel like I rather keep them in my safe box.  But still I am the one who ends up saying more on my own terms as I am probably always bad at listening.

You: God, I wish you could listen more.

I: Anyway, I miss you everytime anything resonates with me to realize how deeply I loved and cared about you, even though our expressions are very different.    

You: I miss you too.

I: I was watching this movie “The mountain between us” – it’s about these one male and female who get stuck after a plane crush and eventually survive. He was married and she was about to get married the next day after that plane crash. But they get closer while fighting for their survival. Eventually they came out of the situation falling in love with each other, but still when they came back to the real world from the wild, they could not just get together because they each had their past baggage to carry on, but eventually they get together again, because they truly had love for each other.. or may be the movie just wanted to produce a good ending. And may be, in real life, it’s way more tragic.

You: I understand.

I: I truly see my love story, the way we met, the way we conquered many obstacles, the way I blindly trusted you and the way we demised as the greatest tragedy of my life, even if no one cares.

You: May be you don’t need to see everything so negatively.

I: When I talked to my therapist who in a way saved me from wrecking myself, I described my state like a torn down island after a Tsunami, but I recognized that I have to rebuild again and I probably kind of did succeed in that, but definitely I did not feel at that moment that I will regain my courage to continue as I felt so little.   

You: But we need to learn from the past eventually. And I want to have you as a friend again.

I: YEAH! I want to be your friend, I want to be in a place of strength where your thoughts and you no longer hurt me anymore, rather I can take you as one of the best friends who know certain parts of me more than anyone else.

You: I’d love that. I miss talking to you too.

I: I am pretty sure we are both quite different persons than who we were, may be in many ways unrecognizable. How do you truly feel about me when you think about me or us? Do you think you know me?

You: There’s many things that probably also didn’t change though. But I also think I could revert many things and not hurt you.

I: I know that I could not make you feel the way one wants to feel when one is in love and rather our love turned into boring chores and less exciting day by day and eventually it had to experience the death.

You: I agree.

I: May be, I took many things for granted that I shouldn’t have and I have beaten myself for many years to find answers to what else I could have done. I have spent hours after hours feeling sad, and may be I still can not see the way you see and can move on just saying that it’s the past we can learn from, because those hours of clouds and grief and depression will always have a reach at me.

You: But you need to realize that it wasn’t very easy for me either.

I: It’s me who felt betrayed, even if I didn’t necessarily need to feel that way. 

You: What can I say more as I apologized many times for making things worse..?

I: Yeah, I or we just can not change the past. I also wish I could revert many things, I also want to say sorry for saying many things that’s not true, for doing many things that only pushed each other away, even though I also only intended otherwise, only wanted to bond more. We can only learn from the past, but I’m truly afraid whether I will ever be able to bring anyone as close as I brought you inside my heart.

You: I know that.

I: It just breaks my heart when I think about how our love expired. But there’s definitely thousand things I have to be grateful for the experiences we had. And the things I learnt from our relationship. 

You: True.

I: Like now, I’m lying down writing and thinking – We will just stay in two corners of the world knowing that we once loved each other.

You: If you feel like, we can talk about our memories which are valuable to both of us.

I: I even feel like if I could sit in front of you, I just won’t have to say a single word.

You: Yeah.

I: That itself is meaningful. I truly think love is not easy to find and we were lucky to have it when we were young.

You: I feel the same way.

I: I hope I can find love again and I wish the same for you, because love is beautiful and worth living for. Thank you for the beautiful moments of your life that you shared with me. I truly wanted to have it more, but may be it was just not meant to be. 

There’s a way she looks you can’t ignore

I met a girl not so long ago. I still remember the first time she talked to me with full of enthusiasm. And then the few moments I was with her, she curved a deep impression on me.


If it were only possible to know this mystery

It’s like there’s an entire universe she hid behind her eyes.

She resembles a living figure of some ancient Greek goddess,

Who just woke up and stepped her foot outside of the canvas of a large painting.

Then she talks about love like she truly craves it.

She wants to explore and probably can find you if you ever get lost.

She does not fake how much she knows against all the things she doesn’t,

As she is not scared of the unknowns.

There’s many curtains she doesn’t mind to open

As she waits to see the butterflies on the other side.

She appears vulnerable but brave

And it’s hard to define that mix.

She smiles not so often, but when she does

It’s like an entire box of joy she unearths.

She looks at you like she genuinely wants to know you.

But there’s also a waterfall of complex emotions she carries beneath her gaze.

May be she doesn’t know that she can calm the world with her stream

That starts from that waterfall and ends into a wide river.

And I’m sure that all lovers of her will love to swim in that river.

But there will still remain a bound of how much you can know,

Because there’s no end to the depth behind those eyes, the space where she flies.

Only you will need her to guide you.

Cyclone Amphan devastates Bangladesh and India

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 11.44.41 AM

Nature doesn’t show any mercy, as if Corona virus was not enough! And it takes away home and food from those who were already about to go homeless and starved. 😦

When scientists talk about climate change, this is what they mean, the sea level is rising which makes low lying areas like my country Bangladesh very vulnerable as the devastation of storms and other natural disasters will affect manyfold, much harder. Just praying and donating few dollars to charity are not gonna convince God to show mercy if we continue disrupting nature. We need to reduce the use of fossil fuels in many ways and protect our environments through government policies and follow the guidelines climate scientists propose. We also need many non-government initiatives too.

“In Bangladesh, hundreds of villages are underwater and about 1 million people don’t have electricity anymore. And in the southwestern district of Bagerhat, about 500 fish farms were flooded.”


Backpacking and earning a living online

I meet many friends who don’t know how to earn online. So, I thought to make a convenient list or give some general ideas.

I meet many friends who don’t know how to earn online. So, I thought to make a list.

Sometimes making a living or earning online while traveling is just about knowing where to look for information or growing opportunity. Also you need to grow your own reliable network so that you eventually have a stream of job options. It’s not easy, it’s pretty challenging but it can be adventurous.

Sometimes just having a laptop or even a smart phone and some dedicated time with your awesome brain, it’s possible to earn money. Initially it’s difficult, because you need to build a portfolio so that you can convince people that you will be able to provide quality service. It can be frustrating, but also rewarding.

These jobs are typically not stable careers, but if you are resilient enough, you can make decent living. Also, some people travel to Asia or places where it is not expensive and you can easily or comfortably get through by earning few dollars a day.

Some example jobs:
a) Teaching english or other language over skype or other web conferencing program

b) Translation

c) Data labeling on Amazon mechanical turk https://www.mturk.com/

g) Graphics design, designing T-shirts (http://redbubble.com), stickers etc.

h) Dog walking, baby sitting what not..check http://craiglist.com basically doing something for someone else when the job provider don’t have time but you have time. etc.

i) Uber also falls into this category.

j) For housewives who have babies and can’t afford to go outside

k) Being a photographer, model, youtuber, blogger, vlogger and earning through ad reveneue.

i) Delivering packages (http://roadie.com)

j) Earn with crypto websites. Basically earn tokens that can be exchangeable with dollars.
Blog on http://hive.com/blog and earn steem
Vlog on d.tube and earn DTC http://d.tube
Change from Chrome/Mozilla to Brave browser and earn BAT token.
There are also job platforms where you can search by category. Typically you create your portfolio here, get recommendations from people you worked with.

1. http://upwork.com
2. http://guru.com
3. http://toptal.com
Some others: https://www.hostinger.com/tutorials/best-freelance-websites

Some others videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BInTtIWb6C4

Even craiglist.

Find some more in this quora post:

Read make money traveling for more options:

Everything is on the internet. You just need to be patient and dedicated, and figure out what you like to do.

Good luck.


Read the backpacker’s tale

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100,000 $$$ = 1 Bitcoin (Year 2040)

Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 10.27.09 AM

May be, 100,000$ per Bitcoin by the year 2040. So, are you owning/holding/trading/investing in Bitcoin for next 20 years?

This is the bullish case. Different projections for Bitcoin price to go up to 100,000$ possibly by 2040. In the year 2017, we saw the last all time high (~20,000$). In 2019, we had another peak (~15,000). Due to Corona virus and current economic depression, we will possibly not see great growth until the recession starts to recover. However, all the peaks since the birth of Bitcoin is above the Bitcoin growth curve (yellow line that acts as the supporting base). The thin white lines are Bitcoin logarithmic growth curves which shows exponential growth of Bitcoin price leading to 1 million dollar by that time! However, that is overly optimistic. Bitcoin price is most likely follow the growth patterns shown with the green, red and purple lines. Those lines will reach 100,000$ mark in the year of 2031, 2035, 2038 respectively. And who knows, Bitcoin even can reach a 1 million dollar mark!! These lines may act as support and resistance many many times while keeping the same growth rate over a longer timeframe. This is speculation to persuade new Bitcoin users. Bitcoin only gains as long as it’s more used, owned and invested, just like any other assets. The only difference in the case of Bitcoin is that, the growth rate will be much faster as Bitcoin, being decentralized cryptocoin and with a finite supply and with the security provided by the proof of work, is less likely to be manipulated by any entity.

So, what’s the bearish case. On the other hand, if people start disbelieving in Bitcoin, or people lose a lot of money because Bitcoin’s security get compromised (unlikely!), or all the governments of all the countries decide to stop internet to block Bitcoin (unlikely!), or ban cryptocurrency exchanges or make them illegal like in some countries (likely!), or jail many many people for owning Bitcoin via fear mongering (unlikely!), or some other reasons for why speculators may lose interest, or some other crypto currency will reign over Bitcoin, Bitcoin price will not go as high as mentioned above(unlikely!). But, I believe it will still remain valuable (will stay above around the yellow line, maintaining around 20K price). Bitcoin will find itself in human history for a great experiment, no matter what.

But, why not taking the bet?

I am accumulating as many as possible. But when you invest, but we should also learn to diversify portfolio to spread the risk. Let’s say you have 1000 dollar, then put 50$ (5% of 1000$) at least in Bitcoin, and then the rest you can put in valuable company stocks, real estates or whatever else is your favorite. I’m more inclined to put more!

Let’s be the rational bitcoiner. There is only 21 million bitcoin, if you own 1 bitcoin you will get into the 21 million bitcoiner club, if you own 21 bitcoin you will get into the 1 million bitcoiner club.

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<a href="https://www.tradingview.com/…/BTC…/mCKwLQ5z-100-000-Bitcoin/“>https://www.tradingview.com/…/BTC…/mCKwLQ5z-100-000-Bitcoin/


You can only become something if you want to become something strongly putting aside the luck factor. Think about how a sportsman like a soccer player, basketball player, or a musician or an actor or a doctor or an engineer become successful. They learn, they work hard for years after years to gain skills. Same apply to business and money, it’s a skill to earn money and grow money via creating business, investing and many other means. However, lot of the professionals who work under somebody, who don’t take direct monetary responsibilities don’t know or avoid to know the ways to grow their money, because generally people are risk averse. For some reason, many people have negative mental association with money, may be it’s because most people with money are powerful and we see them abusing their power in our society. But at the same time, we need to acknowledge that if we want to do meaningful things, we need to understand the process of making money and channeling them to the right direction.

To stay sane in the path of money making in an honest and meaningful way, I believe we need a purpose like creating service, company to provide or create employment or innovate etc. Also, you succeed by failing many times, so resilience is key. Are most successful people money driven or purpose driven? I guess both can take you to riches, but may be the later is better. Let’s find purpose to stay motivated and work hard. Let’s strive to change and create. And money and success should follow.




I have been spending hours and hours thinking about the kind of world we live in. Most working class people didn’t even have the minimum wage to live comfortably before this Corona virus, and now with this Corona virus, people lost even those jobs. We have about 10-20 million unemployed people only in US seeing the worst after the great depression, which will essentially just lead to violence and all forms of negative events you can imagine. And all happened in 2 months. But did it really happen just in 2 months? When we talked about booming economy, where did all those booming money go really? As far as I know they didn’t go to people’s hand to support them in this worst nightmare. The same is happening in any other country. I feel sad that things will probably not change for another decade for people who really needed change. I look at the headlines after Bernie dropped out and I feel sick. Because real monsters and real selfish psychopaths run this country and the world. I feel like blaming people for being stupid and selfish, but then I realize if you raise children in bad circumstance, if you suffocate people in bad economy, bad environment, good people will turn into evil. So, who to blame really, it turns out to be those few rich powerful people, party or corporation who will not let things change for the majority of people. But may be, even they don’t know what to do, because they are just trying to keep their status quo. We live in such a hierarchical society, such a class based, status based society where our well-being are and will be constantly crashed. But as I read enough history of mankind and animal kingdom, this was always the case because the Red queen hypothesis of evolution suggest that any individual or community need to constantly adapt, change and learn to play better as they will constantly be pitted against competing individuals or species. This literally makes us just animals constantly trying to push each other and survive. I mean, as humans we will probably never understand the meaning of humanity.

Being right does not make you win. But then if you don’t win, is that a failure? I hope not. May be when you try to be right, you already sacrifice many things. Some people will die but then will never die in our memories for their selflessness. But then some people will drink your blood as long as they live and are around you and will feed off of other people’s sufferings. I don’t know what to make of the world. I guess you can still be happy inside your bubble, you can arm guard and party inside your villas, palaces letting people die outside your fences. The world does not make me feel good. But may be this is how it always was. But that’s why we dream to change. But may be that change for a good fair society I won’t be able to see in my lifetime. But I hope changes will still take place little by little. I still try to be optimistic, because otherwise there’s no meaning of living really. Hope we will learn something to make it not this much worse next time. So, my heart is heavy with aches. And these are just not feelings, these are caused by real tangible death and sufferings of millions of people.


Real change comes with struggle

Bernie took a big hit in South Carolina (Biden ~49% vs Bernie ~20%, diff is ~29%). I will never understand the South ! Biden got 29 delegates and Bernie got 9 with 99% reporting. But to remember the Nevada result where the result was reversed ( Bernie ~49% vs Biden ~20%, diff is ~29%). Bernie got 24 delegates from Nevada, whereas Biden got 9 delegates. However, Bernie is the leader with 54 delegates (Biden:44, Pete: 44, Warren: 8, Amy:7) in the race of winning 1991 delegates to get the democratic nomination. And possibly, billionaire Bloomberg will get into the race of delegates strongly with all his money soon.
You can’t win them all. But the question is – Will Biden come back with moderate narrative after this big win? That’s what rich donors and mainstream media and decent amount of old moderate democrats want.

Bernie is in advantage as super Tuesday is only 3 days away with +10% ahead in national poll aggregate on real clear politics.
However, most Bernie supporters expected much narrower loss of Bernie at South Carolina. This big win of Biden possibly have created a path for Biden, therefore for moderates, which will be determined in the performance in super Tuesday.
Bernie is basically fighting against everyone- all moderates (Biden, Pete, Amy), two rich billionaire with unlimited sum of money (Bloomberg, Steyer) and even with his fellow progressive Elizabeth Warren. In some way, it comes to Bernie’s advantage if the moderate votes get split among all moderates. But interestingly it’s not that simple. Votes get crisscrossed quite a bit. People are irrational ! It seems like Bernie is even the second choice for Biden’s supporters and Warren’s supporters. Apparently, most people vote for the specific candidate more than their political ideology.
So, is it again a 3 person’s race among Bernie, Biden and Bloomberg? Will Warren over perform in some state and take Bernie’s votes? Super Tuesday will answer it all.
No matter how much Bernie supporters want to win everywhere, it’s not going to come easy. It needs to be hard fought. And that is good. If the ultimate goal is to defeat Trump in general election, Bernie should pass every test. But I just wish, we all wish, if those test just are fair without foul plays.
But, man, how much I love this 78 year old fighter who will fight for people’s healthcare, education, climate and wars whereas everyone just is self-serving in thousand many ways. Sometimes I feel like this world really survives on few good people’s shoulder.
Thank you old man. You got the people power. Let’s cheer your name to cheer you up.
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A winner who doesn’t want to win for himself but for all of us

Bernie plummets to undisputed 1st place while Biden SURGES to distant second, nationally, finally!

If Bernie just can pull off South Carolina and knocks Biden out of the ring one more time! That’s the hurdle and tomorrow’s debate performance at Charlseton, SC is very crucial as every other candidate and media are ready to throw everything at him. Why is Jim Clyburn, the house majority whip from South Carolina, thinking about endorsing Biden after his miserable performance in IOWA, NH and NEVADA is beyond my common sense? Well!

California, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania – Bernie is going to win. Michigan and Massachusetts are going to be tough race as they are the home states of Amy Klobucher and Elizabeth Warren. But Bernie can still pull that off given few more wins along the path.

Marianne Williamson’s endorsement after dropping out from the race is the biggest news of this week as she brings many people traditionally uninterested in politics early on now to understand Bernie’s platform. May be because of her, Bernie may win Texas, even against Trump in general election.

I hope Yang and Tulsi will support Bernie after super Tuesday.

I like, one of the leading female anti-corruption activist, Zephyr Teachout(Attorney and Law professor) endorsing Bernie (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zephyr_Teachout). I actually like her more than Elizabeth Warren in terms of what she stands for. I wish she could run one day or get a significant position in Bernie’s cabinet if she wins. She has the merit to be the first woman President of United States one day. And former African American senator Nina Turner as VP under Bernie will make it all-around. Indian origin Rep. Pramila Joyapal from Washington is endorsing Bernie and integrating her own proposal with Bernie’s medicare4all to provide universal health care for everybody in USA. Indian origin California Rep. Rho Khanna from California and middle eastern origin Rep. Rashida Tlaib from Michigan and one and only AOC from NY are helping his message soar.

The most multi-racial, multi-generational candidate of all time – Bernard Sanders. This country can truly boast of being united across gender and race and move forward with the green new deal and the real change which will propel the change in political dynamics all across the world.

Bernie got the full house.. Game over!

And yes, Bernie will beat Trump.. 100%. Landslide. If you don’t remember, Trump didn’t even win the popular vote last time, he was about 3 million votes behind Hillary Clinton. And Bernie will be millions and millions of votes ahead of Trump.. easily with all the young and multi-racial new voters who are always left out by centrist, establishment democrat.. now that most moderate democrats are also lining behind Bernie as evidenced in Nevada caucus.

If you haven’t understood Bernie’s plan yet, it’s time to realize and believe in him. Bernie did it when he became house rep in 1991 when nobody thought he could, he became the senator in 2007 when everybody was shocked, he defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016 in multiple states and started the progressive movement when he had negligible name recognition compared to Clintons outside of the progressive circle and now in 2020 every other candidates are running on his platform with his original messages. And now to everybody’s amazement again, he will win it.
Anybody who still doesn’t know what Bernie has done for this country for last ~40 years, I just really want to put a nail on your coffin.. sorry.. No, I am kidding. I love you and just learn more: https://www.sanders.senate.gov/legislation
And if you are still complaining “How is he going to pay for everything?” I will just chime what my twitter friend Tina Parker says “How will we pay for it? Well, we pay for wars, bailing out Wall st, bankers, auto companies, etc.The price we pay for NOT having it: LIVES! These are parents, children, siblings. NOT ACCEPTABLE !!” https://twitter.com/Teeparker8/status/1232129067719307269…

Because Bernie knows how to win.
Because he wants to win not for himself, but for the ideals and changes this country and the world needs at this stage of history.

Not Me, US.


#bernie2020 #feelthebern