Yep.. sad but true.. Nothing’s changing

Yeah Leo.. you said in 2016 “Climate change is real and we need to work together collectively to save the world”.. and years passing by, nothing is happening.

Using paper straw and paper bag is not going to save the planet unless you vote the right kind of leaders who care! Nothing will happen until the leaders of the world can recognize how we need to move away from corporate profit motives to really figure out climate policies. You can not change anything when the President believes it to be a hoax and rolling back important environmental rules. Sad that half of this country don’t really care whether many regions of this planet can exist another 100 years or so. Hope your God, whichever you choose to believe, will save the planet and your grandchildren and you continue making money by polluting the world now or just ignoring the facts and keeping your eyes closed, huh! Yes, economy is so great and unemployment is so much lower that people are sunbathing with joy!!

95 Environmental Rules Being Rolled Back Under Trump

We will see massive security threats due to migration, starvation, deforestation and increased flooding, heat storms, intense earthquakes and cyclones and tsunamis.