Real change comes with struggle

Bernie took a big hit in South Carolina (Biden ~49% vs Bernie ~20%, diff is ~29%). I will never understand the South ! Biden got 29 delegates and Bernie got 9 with 99% reporting. But to remember the Nevada result where the result was reversed ( Bernie ~49% vs Biden ~20%, diff is ~29%). Bernie got 24 delegates from Nevada, whereas Biden got 9 delegates. However, Bernie is the leader with 54 delegates (Biden:44, Pete: 44, Warren: 8, Amy:7) in the race of winning 1991 delegates to get the democratic nomination. And possibly, billionaire Bloomberg will get into the race of delegates strongly with all his money soon.
You can’t win them all. But the question is – Will Biden come back with moderate narrative after this big win? That’s what rich donors and mainstream media and decent amount of old moderate democrats want.
Bernie is in advantage as super Tuesday is only 3 days away with +10% ahead in national poll aggregate on real clear politics.
However, most Bernie supporters expected much narrower loss of Bernie at South Carolina. This big win of Biden possibly have created a path for Biden, therefore for moderates, which will be determined in the performance in super Tuesday.
Bernie is basically fighting against everyone- all moderates (Biden, Pete, Amy), two rich billionaire with unlimited sum of money (Bloomberg, Steyer) and even with his fellow progressive Elizabeth Warren. In some way, it comes to Bernie’s advantage if the moderate votes get split among all moderates. But interestingly it’s not that simple. Votes get crisscrossed quite a bit. People are irrational ! It seems like Bernie is even the second choice for Biden’s supporters and Warren’s supporters. Apparently, most people vote for the specific candidate more than their political ideology.
So, is it again a 3 person’s race among Bernie, Biden and Bloomberg? Will Warren over perform in some state and take Bernie’s votes? Super Tuesday will answer it all.
No matter how much Bernie supporters want to win everywhere, it’s not going to come easy. It needs to be hard fought. And that is good. If the ultimate goal is to defeat Trump in general election, Bernie should pass every test. But I just wish, we all wish, if those test just are fair without foul plays.
But, man, how much I love this 78 year old fighter who will fight for people’s healthcare, education, climate and wars whereas everyone just is self-serving in thousand many ways. Sometimes I feel like this world really survives on few good people’s shoulder.
Thank you old man. You got the people power. Let’s cheer your name to cheer you up.
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Bernie wins & R u feeling the bern?


Bernie Sanders won by popular vote in IOWA.. and multiple evidences of cheating/bias against Bernie by Mayor Pete and other established democratic candidates are found(some may be innocuous and simply mistakes.. who knows!).

With 97% precincts in, Sanders’ lead over Pete Buttigieg with raw votes is over 2500, and Buttigieg is in virtual tie with Sanders 26.2 to 26.1, a margin of only 3 SDEs (State delegates). Still 100% results are not out and these results have many errors.

Oh wait, CNN, MSNBC, and Pete Buttigieg himself called Pete to be winner. Oh wait, there’s still 100% result not published. Oh wait, the published result has many errors. Oh wait, Bernie is still winning after everything against him. Oh wait.. this is awesome!! Oh wait.. people love Bernie, even in IOWA!! 

Bernie Sanders is predicted to win all the upcoming primaries with IOWA win tied with Pete Buttigieg in state delegates.
538 prediction for Bernie winning all other primaries except two. If you are into political betting.. (* I am not)

New York times post on errors and inconsistencies in IOWA caucus result.…/iowa-caucuses-errors-results.html…

List of errors in IOWA caucus:…/iowa_caucus_list_of_errors_in_of…/…

Delusional news cycle:. Percentage of delegates is

62%: Bernie WINS popular vote, Buttigieg has +1.8% SDE (State Delegate) and announces “victory”

71%: Bernie WINS popular vote, Buttigieg has +1.6% SDE, CNN etc masturbate with new establishment “star”

97%: Bernie WINS popular vote, Buttigieg has only +0.1% SDE, NYTimes deletes info

So, can you tell why they gradually picked the precincts to give Pete Buttigieg more news coverage? This is insane..!!! These media moguls and DNC crooks are literally treating regular American voters as idiots!

a) Popular Vote with 97% precincts reporting:

  1. Bernie Sanders: 44,753
  2. Pete Buttigieg: 42,235
  3. Elizabeth Warren: 34,312
  4. Joe Biden: 23,051
  5. Amy Klobuchar: 20,525…/status/1225291164284112896

b) Multiple times there were unfair rounding to give edge to candidates other than Bernie. 30% of precinct mathsheet were found with rounding error:
Is this democracy?

c) Precinct misreporting:

d) More cheating

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