Again the word throwing with a cutiebeuaty on why you should not cause pain !!

My diet is 90% veggies… No plans to reduce meat consumption anymore than this…

Nov 9, 2018

AnandaKhan  replied Nov 9, 2018 

Why not? If we personally feel horrible to kill something in our own hands and then process and eat, may be we should not cause the pain in the first place in a living sentient being for the pleasure in our mouth. We probably don’t need to breed something that we then subject to cruelty. Probably we are just indoctrinated since our childhood with the lure of taste of meat in a meat culture, just like a baby becomes indoctrinated in a religious home. And why all the greens of the earth need to be processed through these three primary animals (chicken, cow, goat) as intermediaries to provide nutrient where as you can derive that directly from the earth and plants. And why taking the moral responsibility if you can think that way? And why being part of environmental destruction in the process? If we can reduce 90%, we can 100%. And if we absolutely can’t get away from this indoctrination, there exists artificial meat to consume which more and more in time will taste exactly the real ones. Hope you get what I am saying.

Cutiebeauty  replied Nov 9, 2018  

@AnandaKhan I’ve butchered and slaughtered my own before. I have no problem with it… I’m doing my part by eating 10% meat. If everyone did this it would be a bigger impact than me going 100% veggie. When I do eat meat its usually chicken and fish. And the only reason I eat mostly veggies is because I like veggies.

AnandaKhan  replied Nov 9, 2018

@Cutiebeauty Well, that means you very well know the pain in those “you butchered and slaughtered” and the fear in their eyes and the groaning came out of their bodies when you performed the act. I guess you didn’t care as you have experienced others doing it while you grew up and your desire for the flesh is much more important for you than the pain you are causing. Anyway, if such pain and suffering in sentient being can’t stop you doing what you are doing, all argument of mine will probably fail. Noone can butcher and slaughter their beloved dog to acquire flesh which probably means we can only butcher and slaughter ones we don’t love. So, I guess human being has a limited circle of compassion and love and they butchered and slaughtered many other human beings for their own selfish reasons in the past; again I guess they didn’t love them, in fact hated them. I hope someday people can expand their circle of compassion and love even more. We already made progress and may be we can make even more progress and keep all sentient beings in our circle of compassion and love. So, I will stop but I will just urge to think and read more. Thank you.


Yeah.. who knows.

I am thinking about life. I am thinking about what is important in life. Everyone judges everything based on his or her personal experience. In fact most people tend to judge the most significant issues without fact checking, without understanding lots of backgrounds. You talk, you promote as you view the world. But your view of the world is quite biased by the way you have been brought up, by the experiences you have had throughout your life. I see lack of empathy everywhere and wonder how people can or should be encouraged to be empathetic. I am now living in an individualistic culture of america where most people, at least educated people whom I see around me, are focussed in progressing in their very own life. It’s true that if everyone is doing the right thing for his or her own self, ultimately as a whole it’s going to be good for a community, more broadly for a society. In an ideal place where everyone is capable of taking care of himself or herself, do we still need a lot of empathy? If I check the meaning of the word empathy, google shows “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another”. So, given that we live in a society, and most of the social service and business is modeled on a producer-consumer idea, given that a healthy life requires a lot of interaction between people, it seems to me empathy is always needed. But do we really try to understand and share the feelings of another? If I argue that understanding the situation or feeling of others help you to not trouble or bug yourself by the constant flow of the small annoyances in life, probably that won’t be incorrect. If you are suffering, it always helps if you look outside your own suffering and try to realize that you are not the only one and stop blaming everyone. We always try to justify our own acts whether it’s good or bad as if we can not or should not do any mistakes. A life now in a highly paced culture, we are often so hectic that we can’t even feel what’s going on. And in the end of each day, it seems like that’s not the way the day you wanted to pass.