How I got lost in The Wind-up bird Chronicle..

I just finished reading Haruki Murakami’s “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle”. Just wrote my experience as my review on goodreads:

In short “A genuinely outstanding experience”. This is how I read it- I started on Thursday. I finished on Monday and I don’t know what went on in this world in between. I think just like Mr. Wind-up bird, I was stuck in my own well as I was recovering from my own darkness. I could see through the events like they were happening right within me. I got terrorized, I got shaken, I got enthusiastic, I was trying to find my baseball bat to find the strength in me. I was trying to find meaning, I was trying to find solace, but I was just being thrown into even more void, but eventually, I was feeling stronger and stronger; braver and braver. I could know love in a much more deeper place in my heart, I could learn how to let go, I could learn how to be not afraid amidst big walls that are suffocating me. I can replay the entrance and exit of each character on the scenes of my mental stage. Some were pushing me, some were pulling me. And in the end, I was wound up. But I think I discovered more than ever at the same time.


Books that I have been reading

There are several books that I have been reading for quite long time. Some of them I have been reading for more than years. I don’t know what is the best strategy: reading a single book with full attention and trying to finish it first or reading several books at the same time like I am doing. How did it happen that I got in touch with several writers at the same time. The reason is probably the fact that all of the books I have been reading are long non-fiction books that you can not finish very quickly. Some part of the book require more attention and multiple reading and need you to stop and think for a while. And in every book, there are some portion that you feel bored to read. I think sometimes those boring part just made me procrastinate finishing that book and persuaded me to move on to another topic. The books that I have been reading are “The Blank Slate” by steven Pinker, “The Procrastination Equation” by Piers Steel, “An Appetite For Wonder” by Richard Dawkins. Steven Pinker is one of the best contemporary scientist and writer whom I admire very much. In the blank slate, he argues against the idea that human mind is completely malleable. I have been fascinated by several chapters of that book but I think it will still require a great amount of time to finish that book. The book that I have been enjoying for last few weeks is the one about the biography of Richard Dawkins and how he became a renowned scientist. This book is really thrilling for me. As I want to become a scientist, I can relate my life to many different aspects mentioned in the book by Dawkins with his persuasive rhetorics. I have been reading the procrastination equation as I have a life long difficulty to finish work before the deadline. That book gave me a lot of insight. But I think I will have to finish reading it very carefully. Recently I have been feeling very lazy to read this book as it is not highly entertaining but really informative. Another audio book I have been listening is “The willpower instinct” which describes how we can develop our will power. I am happy that I am in the process of learning from all these books. I wish to read more books more often. The amount of time I spend by consuming videos from youtube, Netflix should be reduced down as most of the programs I watch, watched; even though give excitement, thrill, I should admit, don’t necessarily make me a thoughtful person that I want to become.