Backpacking and earning a living online

I meet many friends who don’t know how to earn online. So, I thought to make a convenient list or give some general ideas.

I meet many friends who don’t know how to earn online. So, I thought to make a list.

Sometimes making a living or earning online while traveling is just about knowing where to look for information or growing opportunity. Also you need to grow your own reliable network so that you eventually have a stream of job options. It’s not easy, it’s pretty challenging but it can be adventurous.

Sometimes just having a laptop or even a smart phone and some dedicated time with your awesome brain, it’s possible to earn money. Initially it’s difficult, because you need to build a portfolio so that you can convince people that you will be able to provide quality service. It can be frustrating, but also rewarding.

These jobs are typically not stable careers, but if you are resilient enough, you can make decent living. Also, some people travel to Asia or places where it is not expensive and you can easily or comfortably get through by earning few dollars a day.

Some example jobs:
a) Teaching english or other language over skype or other web conferencing program…/

b) Translation

c) Data labeling on Amazon mechanical turk

g) Graphics design, designing T-shirts (, stickers etc.

h) Dog walking, baby sitting what not..check basically doing something for someone else when the job provider don’t have time but you have time. etc.

i) Uber also falls into this category.

j) For housewives who have babies and can’t afford to go outside

k) Being a photographer, model, youtuber, blogger, vlogger and earning through ad reveneue.

i) Delivering packages (

j) Earn with crypto websites. Basically earn tokens that can be exchangeable with dollars.
Blog on and earn steem
Vlog on and earn DTC
Change from Chrome/Mozilla to Brave browser and earn BAT token.
There are also job platforms where you can search by category. Typically you create your portfolio here, get recommendations from people you worked with.

Some others:

Some others videos:

Even craiglist.

Find some more in this quora post:…

Read make money traveling for more options:

Everything is on the internet. You just need to be patient and dedicated, and figure out what you like to do.

Good luck.

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On the go

I am in San Francisco right now, just sitting in a Starbucks storming my brain about the recent happenings in my life. It’s been about two weeks I moved to Bay area in California from Indiana. I waited for this for a long time and finally an internship at a tech company opened the opportunity to move from midwest to the west coast of America. And yes, the weather is different, warm as I  prefer. And a lot of things just simply changed. Or I should probably say that I have intentionally tried hard to make changes in the way I used to live before. I didn’t seek for comfort this time, I seeked for adventures and unknowns and I am having it constantly. I no longer live in a house or an apartment. It was a challenging step to take. I actively wanted to explore the digital nomad life, partly with the intention of reducing the cost of living and partly to have some adventure in the territories of life unseen. And I have been successfully doing it so far. It wasn’t easy, but as always, you learn on the way; by doing it, by failing, by getting hurt, but eventually succeeding, sometimes partially with some compromises. I required to buy a new car – a good car for camping. Sometimes I am staying in AirBnbs. Yesterday I stayed in a nice hotel, which was bit unexpected and had a funny story behind it. The inspiration to start a dynamic life came after watching few Youtubers and Redditers exploring the alternative way of living. It helps when you see others who have already done stuffs you have only been fantasizing to taste.  I got ideas from them about how to equip my car, how to roam around, how to take stops. Definitely the diversity and business of a city life help urban nomads to mesh their life with the days and nights of a diverse city and its various pockets. I have been exploring restaurants around, new bars, new latin dance events. I am trying to make new friends so that eventually if I stick to living here, I can have a fair amount of people I can give calls to hang out with. I am kind of rushing now, may be will go take a walk in the city. But hope to write more about different experiences.

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A little outside

It’s been a great weekend leaving the known small world of a small town behind me. It was a nice small trip in Chicago that I have been wanting for the entire summer. Because my car broke down a month ago, I couldn’t do it. But then I just decided all on a sudden on Friday that I should be at Chicago on Saturday. Why does it always have to be such hasty decision for me? Like everything. I will just have to decide in the last moment! Haha, I am such a freak. Well, I have been busy and occupied with lots of new things. So, it was kinda hard to take some time out. Anyway, I had fun breathing some fresh air in this late summer. My friend and I did some photo shoots, it was my first ever photo shoot. It’s not that easy to open up in front of camera. Isn’t it?

Battleground Museum Trip

So.. it was a random trip. I just started driving. Just to breathe some fresh air. And I reached the tippeacanoe battleground. Discovered that there’s a museum. Entered and saw a lot of historical stuff. Sharing some of the pictures. There were a lot of different guns used during the battles. Some were locally made. They showcased in chronological orders. There were also some paintings of that time.

An evening walk in Chicago

This saturday, I wasn’t sure whether I will explore Chicago too. As I was near Chicago and haven’t experienced the Chicago air for almost a year, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity. When I was in Naperville, I was trying to convince some friends to come with me to Chicago. But then I decided to come by myself. I searched whether there are some events going on this saturday. And as usual Chicago doesn’t disappoint you if it comes to events. There was a free music festival going on from last friday in Millennium park right near the cloud gate. Actually I was hesitant about going to Chicago after hiking in Naperville as I was really tired. But when I knew about this event and my past experiences in millennium park were always good, then I decided to push myself. Anyway, I absolutely loved walking through the neat streets of Chicago. I stopped in a starbucks coffee shop and took a cup of coffee. Then when I was near the millennium park, I could already hear the music. The gospel music festival was being held and the performers/singers were entertaining the crowds. Though I am not a big fan of religious music, I just liked the atmosphere. I loved watching children playing around, couples holding their hands kissing each other. It was welcoming, it was refreshing. I was sitting on the green grass and listening to the singers and watching people taking photos in front of the cloud gate. And I reminded her, us, our memories from last last winter when we came and took some pictures. I became nostalgic, sad. I started walking, went to a subway. The mexican server Anthony was really friendly. When I finished eating, I found Anthony outside smoking. Then he shared a cigarette with me and we talked. We talked about Chicago, about life a bit. It was fun. I was really tired and it was hard for me to keep focus while driving back to home. And I slept. I was really tired but satisfied and happy.

Hiking Naperville Riverwalk

It was a great experience to walk by the river Naperville. I knew about a hiking trail there from a Facebook group event. However, eventually, I did it by myself. It was a rainy saturday morning when I left home in West Lafayette. Then I drove two hours to the small cute Naperville town. I asked few people about where to start walking and they were kind enough to show me. It was really green, calm and serene. I loved the sound of the water and started walking. There were several bridges across the river. The river walk starts from the Washington street and then ends in Jefferson street. There is an awesome tall wind chime in between which creates wonderful sound. I also recorded the wind chime sound for few minutes. I was not the only person taking a nice walk by the river. There were some other couples and runners who accompanied me. I also liked the Naperville downtown. It is very neat and I was amazed by a number of street paint works. After my walk, I had my lunch in a cafe near the Washington street. Then I went to Chicago. I will post some of my Chicago experience in the next post.