Say “No” to wars plz!

Well, well, well, 2020 starts with the signal of another war.

It’s a real game of thrones right in front of our eyes! US just killed the Iranian general that millions of people in that region revere as their hero and savior. It’s almost like Cersei killing Ned Stark (from a muslim’s perspective) in the north for Ned Stark being extremely dangerous to the throne. May be some may argue that the analogy is incorrect, but it depends on the perspective of which side you take. I probably don’t need to explain who Cersei is here? And now Soleimani has two sons and two daughters who are probably going to grow up with hatred (what would you do if your father, the revered general of your country, was murdered on a drone strikes, swords are no longer used by the way!!), thousands of people in Iran and all across the world are ready to retaliate every opportunity they will get to take revenge on Americans and its troops, Iranian generals taking vows to revenge in the name of Islam. Americans abroad are being warned about their safety.

Soleimani is not innocent either. No general of any active troops can be innocent, he was rather a calm poised man filled with contempt. In fact he is a mastermind of probably many wars and conflicts. Soleimani killed a lot of American soldiers during Iraq war just like, he kept many Islamic militia groups under his arms in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine etc. The war Hawks, war mongering republican people are saying( if you read comments on the Foxx news YouTube) that Soleimani has brought that onto himself. Well, it’s their narrative.

So, US just killed the second most powerful leader in Iran and probably started this with the strategy of changing the Khameini regime ( or do they even have a strategy? Is stopping war by killing another powerful general a strategy?? Seems like they believe it to be a good strategy- STOP KILLING by KILLING – nice!!.. who knows’s like bombing Hiroshima to stop world war.. world can be a strange place.. comes with great cost.. isn’t it?). Soleimani used to always say that “He would be a martyr” one day and now the whole Islamic brotherhood has now one single chanting “Death to America” if you are following Iranian videos. Ah.. kill in the name of your God and religion.. sounds familiar!! God, I hate religion so much for this and only this reason only.

I have been reading Fox news and every right leaning war hawk is cheering what a victory this is! these people’s desire to go to war, thirst for blood and kill are just astounding to me. I almost lose faith in humanity. I mean, power struggle is hard and probably without conflict, it’s hard to change the world. But the history of killing each other is just so demoralizing, we have been doing these for thousands of years, this is so depressing. A huge can of worms might have been opened. US is definitely the super power and no other country has the power to win an all out war at this point, but do US war Hawks really want bloody wars again when they complain so much about deficits and debts? Do they not think about far future when they may not have as much strength as they do now? Did history teach nothing? The US officials say “If we are attacked, we will retaliate too.” I mean is this the world the world leaders want to create “threatening each other and killing each other’s generals”?

Anyway, they just made all the snakes to crawl into the den of the lion that US claims it to be. And there will be a lot of poisonous bites over decades here and there. People who read the history of wars in past couple decade really don’t need to watch Game of thrones or any fictions any more! The world is more fictitious and poisonous!

This is horrible, anybody has any bit of knowledge of foreign diplomacy knows how backward going this is! This may probably trigger birth of many potential suicide terrorists and terrorist organizations again. I won’t be surprised to see more suicide bombings in many US ally countries. Clinton and Obama had opportunity to attack Soleimani too, but they did not because of these sort of future consequences. Bernie Sanders opposed to Iraq and Afghanistan wars in the first place so that these sort of situations of revenge wars don’t happen altogether.

Republican presidents love fighting wars, don’t they? US just sent 3500 US soldiers to middle East last night sensing Iranian retaliation, where as Trump promised that he will bring back soldiers!! And they will come back wounded.. oh wait, republicans don’t have money for their health care now when they are back.. they don’t care when veterans become homeless.. sorry guys, no free lunch is their narrative when it comes to health care and housing and education..

Perpetual war, war and war.. where the world is undergoing climate change and so many other big issues, when we should be gathering together to find technological and diplomatic solution to make this world a better place.

We all know the power corrupts. History taught us many times why perpetual revenge taking never bring peace to the world.

I am very afraid, if US foreign policy does not change, the world has really dark future.

And my friends in US need to understand why it’s important to elect President who understand the importance of peace and foreign diplomacy.

Say “NO” to wars please.

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The boy who harnessed the wind

This Malawi movie “The boy who harnessed the wind” blew my mind. As a scientist of the future, it’s always hard to explain in simple terms what a scientific mind does. In school, we go and learn all those physics, chemistry, math, calculus, draw all those complex looking pictures and then we forget what all these fucking science jargons are and what they are for. A lot of us even start hating science as they don’t find it relevant or their lack of understanding frightens them. And for a lot, it goes against their own agenda! But it’s all about our survival on earth and our progressive understanding of how nature works- we sometimes forget. Science provides the best evidence based tool that has transformed our society. This little boy saved the life of hundreds in his small village by creating a simple wind mill where people were dying, starving , stealing and killing each other for food. Nature didn’t pour rain upon them for years and they were not being able to grow crops. He was expelled from the school because his dad couldn’t pay for the fees. But he was running through the wind, he knew the power of the wind, he discovered how his science teacher’s bicycle has a light which is powered by the manual rotation of the bicycle wheel using a Dynamo. He then could use a fan to power a radio, he could then convince his dad to scrape their only bicycle to make a windmill that saved lives of the villagers. Social entrepreneurship. But against everybody’s will, against everybody’s judgment. He experimented in hand, he sneaked into the school library and learnt the science. In the core, he wanted to solve a problem. The problem of hunger. And it saddens me when thousands of people mindlessly cut trees, take actions for their own selfish greed and lead this and the next generation to disaster. We are seeing all with climate deniers, flat Earth believers, with the science of genetics and so many others. Most people go against something new that they haven’t seen before, they are bad at anticipating. It takes few scientific minds but I wish people were more open to simply explore the new.

Oddness of existence

Pessimism alert! Bad trip alert!

However, I am optimistic.

I’ve been thinking about life and miseries and roaming on YouTube and watching some documentaries. It seems to me where ever you are, what relative condition a life is ticking, every living being seems like struggling and feeling pain and suffocation and longing for getting out of the cage. Each seems to desire to live in a better condition, has a goal where each wants to reach, but then it can not, and then it is frustrated and unhappy. Each seems to feel confined in its living condition. And it’s easy to die and the fear is real. It is like neverending unhappiness and struggle to live. All an individual animal and human think about are all that it don’t have, can’t have. Each has the survival instincts and the ability to feel joy and pain. Some are not naturally selected well. Some are trying to climb the ladder, some are falling, some are rising, some are winning, some are being extinguished. Some are not better equipped for existence, some are endowed with good social and physical environment, some are not. Some are lucky, but they feel unlucky. Some are unlucky, but are unaware of the way to bring a good fortune. For human, education and information acquisition seems necessary, but then even with education, with information you can feel trapped. It seems like in life feeling trapped is inevitable.

It was a wild trip for me through internet. Normally you call or recognize that you were in the dark side of internet or youtube after such trip, as if you try to kick yourself into the good reality from a bad one, as if you feel the desire that bad things don’t exist, at least not for you, you only want to watch the good stuff, feel the good feeling, as if you want to believe that your problems and miseries are the biggest problems on earth. But it’s not. But it’s also true that you are only stuck with yourself. The first and foremost thing is your wellbeing but it’s asy to be tricked if your world view is small nd not wide enough to have a global view of existence on our pale blue planet. All may be illusion, it’s hard to figure what’s real and what’s not, as most things are beyond your reach and beyond your subjective world.

Life should be easy to live. But the baggage from evolution, from culture are too hard and the trap seems to be too tight for any individual to break through.
I am on a peak of my personal realizations.
Nothing is weird.

My mind is mashed with conflicting thoughts. But it’s all good.

May be whatever you are, where ever you are, accepting and embracing it is the first step, and then the continuation. Being a human is probably lucky that you are uniquely positioned to think through all these. But then a human mind is so tricky, if it’s not filled with the positive stuff, if it’s not directed towards a good path, it can make a living hell out of itself even in the best livable condition. So, life is a blessing and a curse at the same time; it’s ultimately how it’s perceived. You can know the light, when you experienced darkness.. and vice versa.

If you want to have the same trip like mine…it will be a bad trip for you if you watch these videos sequentially.. . in total I probably watched 50 videos over a long time. Haha.

There’s also almost infinite good stuff and videos too on YouTube. You can always cherry pick and demand to see the good instead of the bad.

A struggling penguin..

Survival of a bear vs a seal

Tribal limitedness

A brothel in the south east

Unhappy women seeking for marriage

Crazy girlfriends

Unhappy rich people

Immigration problem

Just posting my Quora answer..
Intelligent, peaceful, skillful immigrants are needed not only in US but also in every other country. Because cultural assimilation is a dire need of our time. If you look at most of the problems we have in our society, they are born out of close mindedness of the people. Why racism is a problem, coz some people just deny or at least used to deny human rights to people who have darker skin. Why an immigrant can find job, but an American can not? You are born in America, but you haven’t explored much or expanded your horizons much to find a job. An immigrant is crossing the ocean or a desert and taking the risk and learning his way to live in a society by learning a different language. That is what a great great great grandparents of a jobless American might have done that the great great great grand son or daughter now doesn’t understand. I have met Americans in Japan when I lived there. When they couldn’t find job in America, they went to Japan and started teaching English to Japanese kids, married Japanese women and are now living there happily. My American friend now lives in Shikoku, Japan and I’m now living within 3 hours of his American home in Michigan. This is how the world should look like. We assimilate, we know, we challenge, we meet people, we make friends, we figure out what we like or dislike, we grow our potential and we live. Nobody is entitled to have anything for granted. Reading a little bit of history will give more persepective. Seeing some statistics on social well being, education, contribution to society by race, by country will open your mind. British have run the world for hundred years, where are they now? America in the sixties have had the highest and happiest middle class, what happened now? World, society will forever change and we should be resilient enough to adapt with the change. Instead of blaming immigrants taking away jobs, an American should rather unite with other Americans of all color and race and legal peaceful immigrants to see how politics and legislations in this country can be made so that people have more rights, more jobs and happy lives, how it’s possible to inspire people or communities rather than infuriating them. Yes, illegal immigration is a problem, but what is to do now to ensure the overall well being of everyone should be the focus or priority. Sometimes sentimental talks and arguments just divide us too much; rather constructive criticism and thoughts should unite us to find real solution to the real problem towards welfare. Putting people in suffering and building walls will never bring wealth and prosperity. So, we should all be critical thinker, empathetic and creative to create a great society. Let’s move our lazy ass, educate ourselves, do what needs to be done in our own space within our reach without complaining too much!

Richness – Opportunity in block chain space

From my understanding of life, becoming a billionaire or becoming rich is not the goal of life. And I used to call myself ambitious, but I learnt to dislike the word “Ambition” now. Ambition is a self-centered outlook that only works within your context and is more often disconnected. I rather love the word “Vision” now and want to be a part in the bigger process for creativity.
Anyway, if you become rich, good for you. But I will value you for the things that matter for me or the society around, not for the things that you own personally. Being happy and feeling the passion for living and doing good things for you and people around you give you the purpose for living further and create. If you have realized the complexity of life and managed to remain happy, then probably you would like everyone to be happy around you with your rich mind or create jobs to employ people so that they can have better life. An inclusive mind and an inclusive society and an inclusive economy are what we should envision.
However, I am posting this to make you realize that there are people who seize the opportunity, who can see through and work hard to become what they become. And they create and contribute even more sometimes. And it should be inspiring for us to explore and may be find our own path to richness of both kinds. There will always be things in the hand of luck, but what you can change or take is what you should focus on. And that’s where the dimension of time comes into place. All we are losing is time every moment if we haven’t made the best use of it. I feel like the block chain, Bitcoin space is full of opportunities for many, for researchers, academicians, statisticians, economists, engineers, programmers, data scientists like me, businessman or woman, large companies, governments, individuals. For change, you need disruption sometimes. To be enthusiastic, you need something that excites. So, cheering for all of your endeavors and everyone to utilize your opportunities in this space to feel proud of. Hope you will create opportunities for others through your service of whatever kind.

But if you don’t want to read a story of a crypto billionaire, but rather prefer to read about philosophy from a Yogi about creativity, vision or ambition. Read this:

Have a great day, guys.

A political revolution to come soon

Bernie Sanders. I like him. He seems to be the only politician in this country, who really understands what changes need to be brought to fix the mess American middle class family are suffering from. Look at his issue oriented camoaign:
a ) His staunch position for making people aware of climate change due to irresponsible human activities. I have no clue how all the Republican candidates can deny the scientific consensus and still run for the most important position on earth and how so many people can also blindly support them.
b) His opposition against wall street and desire to break the “too big to fail” banks. After the economic disaster and the controversial bail out, if anybody has read former managing director of Goldman Sachs and whistle-blower Nomi Prins, they can understand these banks are again constantly crucifying and bringing disaster for economy with their selfish greed and the strategy of quarterly profit maximization.

c) Tuition free public college is a wonderful idea that has already been implemented by several countries. It’s really nonsense to make profits from educational institutions the way it is currently operating around the country. Student debt has literally crushed so many students’ lives.

d) Campaign finance reform is his another political agenda. I think every sensible person knows that how super pacs and billionaire endorsements are influencing policies and how democracy is being threatened. I think Bernie, by avoiding super pac, has the highest credibility to effectively reform.

e) He wants to raise the minimum wage to 15 dollar per hour which I think is a great idea to improve so many workers’ lives and will definitely increase satisfaction. And in fact people will actually spend more which is also good for the economy.

f) He wants to fight for women’s right. In a civilized world like ours, we still have income inequality based on gender which is unacceptable. He wants to provide paid leave which I have no idea why we already don’t have. How on earth, a parent can leave their new borns to work.  LGBT community right is also important that he wants to focus on.

g) Institutional racism is another big issue. Initially Bernie was looking at the race issue with the lens of income inequality issues and employment opportunity imbalances. But I think now he is strategically reaching towards different race groups and expressing his earnest desire for change. He was part of civil right movements and I totally believe that he will really bring real changes.

If Bernie wins 2016 election and can really gather people for a revolution to change against all oppositions, it will really be a great achievement for contemporary human history. I am gladly waiting to see the next 9 years how america goes through the changes under President Bernie. If what he is promising can be achieved, that will bring hope to lots of countries where political changes are really required. Let’s hope for a better future.

Capitalism, Communism, Fascism, Socialism- The concepts

I had insufficient ideas about Capitalism, communism, Fascism and socialism. Throughout human history, we have seen different types of governance, economic systems in different part of the world. Political and economic policies very often were shaped by the ideas of these four systems. I liked the brief summary in this article from an English Course at University of Idaho which gave me a general idea about them. Trying to make a contrast  just to keep track of my reading these concepts.. Will try to read and write more.








Ownership of

the means of


Privately owned

Owned by central state

Owned by


Primarily owned by a dictator


What determines

the investment of capital?

A free market, rather than by state. Profit driven system.

State, rather than by free market.

Community requirement etc.

Will and desire of the powerfuls.


Public property/Privatization

In pure capitalism, no public schools, no state owned or maintained roads and highways, public works, welfare, unemployment insurance, workers compensation, social security benefits etc.

Everything is privatized.

State owns or maintain  roads and highways, public works, welfare, unemployment insurance, workers compensation, social security benefits etc. In a pure socialist state, state owns and operate the means of production.

Communities owns or maintain the means of production.





State sponsored



Personal Growth, Individuality, Creativity

High as individuals can earn status

Low personal growth. Individuals are not focussed.


Low as everything is for him and him only.


Power/Governance in hands of

Upper class/corporations


Low/middle class

Elected congressional members


Centralized control/ Centralized Banking








Western Europe

Soviet Union

Nazi Germany, Italy, Rome


Equality-Freedom in general

Low equality – High Freedom

High(somewhat) Equality- High Freedom

High equality- Low Freedom

Low Equality- Low Freedom


Reposting some interesting part of the article.

“These are complex concepts concerning both economics and government ….. these concepts are not always mutually exclusive (most modern states combine elements of more than one)…. some of the terms refer strictly to economic systems (capitalism) while others (fascism) also refer to government and economic systems (communism and fascism). ”

United States is a Constitutional Democratic Republic that has long embraced both capitalism (free markets) and socialism (public schools and universities, and public works – parks, roads and highways, sewer and water, dams, harbors, as well as social welfare, such as worker’s comp, unemployment insurance, social security etc.).


An economic system in which all or most of the means of production are privately owned and operated, the investment of capital and the production, distribution and prices of commodities (goods and services) are determined mainly in a free market, rather than by the state.


  “State ownershipof common property, or state ownership of the means of production.  A purely socialist state would be one in which the state owns and operates the means of production.


Most generally, communism refers to community ownership of property, with the end goal being complete social equality via economic equality.  Communism is generally seen by communist countries as an idealized utopian economic and social state that the country as a whole is working toward. Fundamentally, communism argues that all labor belongs to the individual laborer; no man can own another man’s body, and therefore each man owns his own labor.  In this model all “profit” actually belongs in part to the laborer, not, or not just, those who control the means of production, such as the business or factory owner.  Profit that is not shared with the laborer, therefore, is considered inherently exploitive.

   “A governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.”

Other interesting Tables: