Real change comes with struggle

Bernie took a big hit in South Carolina (Biden ~49% vs Bernie ~20%, diff is ~29%). I will never understand the South ! Biden got 29 delegates and Bernie got 9 with 99% reporting. But to remember the Nevada result where the result was reversed ( Bernie ~49% vs Biden ~20%, diff is ~29%). Bernie got 24 delegates from Nevada, whereas Biden got 9 delegates. However, Bernie is the leader with 54 delegates (Biden:44, Pete: 44, Warren: 8, Amy:7) in the race of winning 1991 delegates to get the democratic nomination. And possibly, billionaire Bloomberg will get into the race of delegates strongly with all his money soon.
You can’t win them all. But the question is – Will Biden come back with moderate narrative after this big win? That’s what rich donors and mainstream media and decent amount of old moderate democrats want.
Bernie is in advantage as super Tuesday is only 3 days away with +10% ahead in national poll aggregate on real clear politics.
However, most Bernie supporters expected much narrower loss of Bernie at South Carolina. This big win of Biden possibly have created a path for Biden, therefore for moderates, which will be determined in the performance in super Tuesday.
Bernie is basically fighting against everyone- all moderates (Biden, Pete, Amy), two rich billionaire with unlimited sum of money (Bloomberg, Steyer) and even with his fellow progressive Elizabeth Warren. In some way, it comes to Bernie’s advantage if the moderate votes get split among all moderates. But interestingly it’s not that simple. Votes get crisscrossed quite a bit. People are irrational ! It seems like Bernie is even the second choice for Biden’s supporters and Warren’s supporters. Apparently, most people vote for the specific candidate more than their political ideology.
So, is it again a 3 person’s race among Bernie, Biden and Bloomberg? Will Warren over perform in some state and take Bernie’s votes? Super Tuesday will answer it all.
No matter how much Bernie supporters want to win everywhere, it’s not going to come easy. It needs to be hard fought. And that is good. If the ultimate goal is to defeat Trump in general election, Bernie should pass every test. But I just wish, we all wish, if those test just are fair without foul plays.
But, man, how much I love this 78 year old fighter who will fight for people’s healthcare, education, climate and wars whereas everyone just is self-serving in thousand many ways. Sometimes I feel like this world really survives on few good people’s shoulder.
Thank you old man. You got the people power. Let’s cheer your name to cheer you up.
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A winner who doesn’t want to win for himself but for all of us

Bernie plummets to undisputed 1st place while Biden SURGES to distant second, nationally, finally!

If Bernie just can pull off South Carolina and knocks Biden out of the ring one more time! That’s the hurdle and tomorrow’s debate performance at Charlseton, SC is very crucial as every other candidate and media are ready to throw everything at him. Why is Jim Clyburn, the house majority whip from South Carolina, thinking about endorsing Biden after his miserable performance in IOWA, NH and NEVADA is beyond my common sense? Well!

California, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania – Bernie is going to win. Michigan and Massachusetts are going to be tough race as they are the home states of Amy Klobucher and Elizabeth Warren. But Bernie can still pull that off given few more wins along the path.

Marianne Williamson’s endorsement after dropping out from the race is the biggest news of this week as she brings many people traditionally uninterested in politics early on now to understand Bernie’s platform. May be because of her, Bernie may win Texas, even against Trump in general election.

I hope Yang and Tulsi will support Bernie after super Tuesday.

I like, one of the leading female anti-corruption activist, Zephyr Teachout(Attorney and Law professor) endorsing Bernie ( I actually like her more than Elizabeth Warren in terms of what she stands for. I wish she could run one day or get a significant position in Bernie’s cabinet if she wins. She has the merit to be the first woman President of United States one day. And former African American senator Nina Turner as VP under Bernie will make it all-around. Indian origin Rep. Pramila Joyapal from Washington is endorsing Bernie and integrating her own proposal with Bernie’s medicare4all to provide universal health care for everybody in USA. Indian origin California Rep. Rho Khanna from California and middle eastern origin Rep. Rashida Tlaib from Michigan and one and only AOC from NY are helping his message soar.

The most multi-racial, multi-generational candidate of all time – Bernard Sanders. This country can truly boast of being united across gender and race and move forward with the green new deal and the real change which will propel the change in political dynamics all across the world.

Bernie got the full house.. Game over!

And yes, Bernie will beat Trump.. 100%. Landslide. If you don’t remember, Trump didn’t even win the popular vote last time, he was about 3 million votes behind Hillary Clinton. And Bernie will be millions and millions of votes ahead of Trump.. easily with all the young and multi-racial new voters who are always left out by centrist, establishment democrat.. now that most moderate democrats are also lining behind Bernie as evidenced in Nevada caucus.

If you haven’t understood Bernie’s plan yet, it’s time to realize and believe in him. Bernie did it when he became house rep in 1991 when nobody thought he could, he became the senator in 2007 when everybody was shocked, he defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016 in multiple states and started the progressive movement when he had negligible name recognition compared to Clintons outside of the progressive circle and now in 2020 every other candidates are running on his platform with his original messages. And now to everybody’s amazement again, he will win it.
Anybody who still doesn’t know what Bernie has done for this country for last ~40 years, I just really want to put a nail on your coffin.. sorry.. No, I am kidding. I love you and just learn more:
And if you are still complaining “How is he going to pay for everything?” I will just chime what my twitter friend Tina Parker says “How will we pay for it? Well, we pay for wars, bailing out Wall st, bankers, auto companies, etc.The price we pay for NOT having it: LIVES! These are parents, children, siblings. NOT ACCEPTABLE !!”…

Because Bernie knows how to win.
Because he wants to win not for himself, but for the ideals and changes this country and the world needs at this stage of history.

Not Me, US.


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Words shouldn’t scare you

“When you gonna wake up, when you gonna wake up..”

Let’s not fear words and labels, let’s understand what they truly mean.
Bob Dylan wrote in his song “When you gonna wake up”..

“God don’t make promises that He don’t keep.
You got some big dreams baby, but in order to dream you gotta still be asleep.

When you gonna wake up, when you gonna wake up.
When you gonna wake up strengthen the things that remain ?

Counterfeited philosophies have polluted all of your thoughts.
Karl Marx has got ya by the throat, Henry Kissinger’s got you tied up in knots.

When you gonna wake up, when you gonna wake up.
When you gonna wake up strengthen the things that remain ?

You got innocent men in jail, your insane asylums are filled.
You got unrighteous doctors dealing drugs that’ll never cure your ills.

When you gonna wake up, when you gonna wake up.
When you gonna wake up strengthen the things that remain ?

You got men who can’t hold their peace and woman who can’t control their tongues.
The rich seduce the poor and the old are seduced by the young.

When you gonna wake up, when you gonna wake up.
When you gonna wake up strengthen the things that remain ?

Adulterers in churches and pornography in the schools.
You got gangsters in power and lawbreakers making rules.

When you gonna wake up, when you gonna wake up.
When you gonna wake up strengthen the things that remain ?

Spiritual advisors and gurus to guide your every move.
Instant inner peace and every step you take has got to be approved.

When you gonna wake up, when you gonna wake up.
When you gonna wake up strengthen the things that remain ?

Do you ever wonder just what God requires ?
You think He’s just an errand boy to satisfy your wandering desires.

When you gonna wake up, when you gonna wake up.
When you gonna wake up and strengthen the things that remain ?You can’t take it with you and you know that it’s too worthless to be sold.
They tell you, ‘Time is money’ as if your life was worth its weight in gold.

When you gonna wake up, when you gonna wake up.
When you gonna wake up and strengthen the things that remain ?There’s a man up on a cross and He’s been crucified for you.
Believe in His power that’s about all you got to do.

When you gonna wake up, when you gonna wake up.
When you gonna wake up and strengthen the things that remain ?”

Listen the song:

Real Change is in our palm

So, Bernie won. He won big in Nevada.
“It’s time to stop saying Moderates won’t vote for Bernie.”
“People love Bernie and want him, not because of his ideology, not because of their own personal politics, but because people simply love honesty.” Let’s know more of what Bernie has done last 30 years.
“It’s time to stop saying that Bernie can not beat Trump. He absolutely can. And he will do it by bringing the people who never voted before but whose lives depend on whether Trump stays or not.”
Love when the girl says in the video “He needs to know..We have been listening to him. We believe him and we support him.”
Now towards winning South Carolina and super Tuesday. But establishment will still throw everything towards Bernie to stop his nomination because for them it’s beneficial to have another 4 years of Trump and get a corrupt democrat of their choice later, rather than have Bernie Sanders who will change the corrupt system inside out.
Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti on Bipartisan Elitism and Themes from Their New Book | Useful Idiots
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Bernie wins & R u feeling the bern?


Bernie Sanders won by popular vote in IOWA.. and multiple evidences of cheating/bias against Bernie by Mayor Pete and other established democratic candidates are found(some may be innocuous and simply mistakes.. who knows!).

With 97% precincts in, Sanders’ lead over Pete Buttigieg with raw votes is over 2500, and Buttigieg is in virtual tie with Sanders 26.2 to 26.1, a margin of only 3 SDEs (State delegates). Still 100% results are not out and these results have many errors.

Oh wait, CNN, MSNBC, and Pete Buttigieg himself called Pete to be winner. Oh wait, there’s still 100% result not published. Oh wait, the published result has many errors. Oh wait, Bernie is still winning after everything against him. Oh wait.. this is awesome!! Oh wait.. people love Bernie, even in IOWA!! 

Bernie Sanders is predicted to win all the upcoming primaries with IOWA win tied with Pete Buttigieg in state delegates.
538 prediction for Bernie winning all other primaries except two. If you are into political betting.. (* I am not)

New York times post on errors and inconsistencies in IOWA caucus result.…/iowa-caucuses-errors-results.html…

List of errors in IOWA caucus:…/iowa_caucus_list_of_errors_in_of…/…

Delusional news cycle:. Percentage of delegates is

62%: Bernie WINS popular vote, Buttigieg has +1.8% SDE (State Delegate) and announces “victory”

71%: Bernie WINS popular vote, Buttigieg has +1.6% SDE, CNN etc masturbate with new establishment “star”

97%: Bernie WINS popular vote, Buttigieg has only +0.1% SDE, NYTimes deletes info

So, can you tell why they gradually picked the precincts to give Pete Buttigieg more news coverage? This is insane..!!! These media moguls and DNC crooks are literally treating regular American voters as idiots!

a) Popular Vote with 97% precincts reporting:

  1. Bernie Sanders: 44,753
  2. Pete Buttigieg: 42,235
  3. Elizabeth Warren: 34,312
  4. Joe Biden: 23,051
  5. Amy Klobuchar: 20,525…/status/1225291164284112896

b) Multiple times there were unfair rounding to give edge to candidates other than Bernie. 30% of precinct mathsheet were found with rounding error:
Is this democracy?

c) Precinct misreporting:

d) More cheating

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Say “No” to wars plz!

Well, well, well, 2020 starts with the signal of another war.

It’s a real game of thrones right in front of our eyes! US just killed the Iranian general that millions of people in that region revere as their hero and savior. It’s almost like Cersei killing Ned Stark (from a muslim’s perspective) in the north for Ned Stark being extremely dangerous to the throne. May be some may argue that the analogy is incorrect, but it depends on the perspective of which side you take. I probably don’t need to explain who Cersei is here? And now Soleimani has two sons and two daughters who are probably going to grow up with hatred (what would you do if your father, the revered general of your country, was murdered on a drone strikes, swords are no longer used by the way!!), thousands of people in Iran and all across the world are ready to retaliate every opportunity they will get to take revenge on Americans and its troops, Iranian generals taking vows to revenge in the name of Islam. Americans abroad are being warned about their safety.

Soleimani is not innocent either. No general of any active troops can be innocent, he was rather a calm poised man filled with contempt. In fact he is a mastermind of probably many wars and conflicts. Soleimani killed a lot of American soldiers during Iraq war just like, he kept many Islamic militia groups under his arms in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine etc. The war Hawks, war mongering republican people are saying( if you read comments on the Foxx news YouTube) that Soleimani has brought that onto himself. Well, it’s their narrative.

So, US just killed the second most powerful leader in Iran and probably started this with the strategy of changing the Khameini regime ( or do they even have a strategy? Is stopping war by killing another powerful general a strategy?? Seems like they believe it to be a good strategy- STOP KILLING by KILLING – nice!!.. who knows’s like bombing Hiroshima to stop world war.. world can be a strange place.. comes with great cost.. isn’t it?). Soleimani used to always say that “He would be a martyr” one day and now the whole Islamic brotherhood has now one single chanting “Death to America” if you are following Iranian videos. Ah.. kill in the name of your God and religion.. sounds familiar!! God, I hate religion so much for this and only this reason only.

I have been reading Fox news and every right leaning war hawk is cheering what a victory this is! these people’s desire to go to war, thirst for blood and kill are just astounding to me. I almost lose faith in humanity. I mean, power struggle is hard and probably without conflict, it’s hard to change the world. But the history of killing each other is just so demoralizing, we have been doing these for thousands of years, this is so depressing. A huge can of worms might have been opened. US is definitely the super power and no other country has the power to win an all out war at this point, but do US war Hawks really want bloody wars again when they complain so much about deficits and debts? Do they not think about far future when they may not have as much strength as they do now? Did history teach nothing? The US officials say “If we are attacked, we will retaliate too.” I mean is this the world the world leaders want to create “threatening each other and killing each other’s generals”?

Anyway, they just made all the snakes to crawl into the den of the lion that US claims it to be. And there will be a lot of poisonous bites over decades here and there. People who read the history of wars in past couple decade really don’t need to watch Game of thrones or any fictions any more! The world is more fictitious and poisonous!

This is horrible, anybody has any bit of knowledge of foreign diplomacy knows how backward going this is! This may probably trigger birth of many potential suicide terrorists and terrorist organizations again. I won’t be surprised to see more suicide bombings in many US ally countries. Clinton and Obama had opportunity to attack Soleimani too, but they did not because of these sort of future consequences. Bernie Sanders opposed to Iraq and Afghanistan wars in the first place so that these sort of situations of revenge wars don’t happen altogether.

Republican presidents love fighting wars, don’t they? US just sent 3500 US soldiers to middle East last night sensing Iranian retaliation, where as Trump promised that he will bring back soldiers!! And they will come back wounded.. oh wait, republicans don’t have money for their health care now when they are back.. they don’t care when veterans become homeless.. sorry guys, no free lunch is their narrative when it comes to health care and housing and education..

Perpetual war, war and war.. where the world is undergoing climate change and so many other big issues, when we should be gathering together to find technological and diplomatic solution to make this world a better place.

We all know the power corrupts. History taught us many times why perpetual revenge taking never bring peace to the world.

I am very afraid, if US foreign policy does not change, the world has really dark future.

And my friends in US need to understand why it’s important to elect President who understand the importance of peace and foreign diplomacy.

Say “NO” to wars please.

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No need

A tribute to this beautiful Bengali song “No need (দরকার নাই)” by NXL expressing stuffs that matter.

“No need (দরকার নাই)”
গোল এই গ্রহটার একি হাল
(gol ei grohotar eki hal)
What a disaster in this round planet
জগাখিচুড়িরর চাল
(jogakhichurir chal)
What a nasty hodgepodge
ময়লা মেঘের পাল
(moyla megher pal)
A bunch of dirty clouds
শুকনো সময় ডাল
(shukno somoy dal)
Some dried-up time of ours
গোল এই গ্রহটার একি হাল
(gol ei grohotar eki hal)
What a disaster in this round planet
জগাখিচুড়িরর চাল
(jogakhichurir chal)
What a nasty hodgepodge
ময়লা মেঘের পাল
(moyla megher pal)
A bunch of dirty clouds
শুকনো সময় ডাল
(shukno somoy dal)
Some dried-up time of ours
নদী নালা খাল বিল
(nodi nala khal bil)
Rivers and canals
বিষে ভরা বান্ডিল
(bishe vora bandil)
Bundles of poison
উড়ছে অবাক চিল
(urche obak chil)
Surprised hawks flying
শূণ্য মাছের ঝিল
(shunno macher jhil)
Lakes empty of fish
লাগবে না তোর ইকোসিস্টেম
(lagbe na tor ecosystem)
No need of any ecosystem
নষ্ট করবো আরও দাও যত ব্লেইম
(noshto korbo aro dao joto blame)
Destory it more and more, don’t blame
আমার দরকার নাই তোর প্রকৃতির দান
(amar dorkar nai tor prokritir dan)
I don’t need any gift from nature
আমার ফরমালিন আছে নাই সম্মান
(amar formalin ache, nai shomman)
I have my formalins, no respect whatsoever
আমার দরকার নাই আমার দরকার নাই আমার
(amar dorkar nai, amar dorkar nai amar)
No need, no need of mine
আমার দরকার নাই আমার দরকার নাই আমার।
(amar dorkar nai, amar dorkar nai amar)
No need, no need of mine
নাগরিক হৈ চৈ রৈ রৈ
(nagorik hoi choi roi roi)
Citizens outcrying
টাকা সব গেল কই
(taka sob gelo koi)
Where is all the money?
কালো বেড়ালের পেটে
(kalo beraler pete)
Inside the stomach of the black cat?
খৈ ফাটে টৈ টৈ
(khoi fate toi toi)
Bullshit and bullshit
হরতালে টুকিটাকি
(hortale tukitaki)
Strikes and some outcome
ককটেল ফাটাফাটি
(koktel fatafati)
Cocktail bomb blasting
গনতন্ত্রের নামে হিংস্র রাজনীতি
(gonotontrer name hingsro rajniti)
Cruel politics in the name of democracy
লাগবে না তোর নেতারূপী চোর
(lagbe na tor netarupi chor)
No need of any thief in the disguise of politician
স্বপ্ন দেখানো সব ঘুম ভাঙ্গা ভোর
(shopno dekhano sob ghum vanga vor)
Broken up of all those sleeps/hopes after dreams in the dawn
আমার দরকার নাই তোর মানবতাবোধ
(amar dorkar nai tor manobotabodh)
I don’t need any humanity
বা খুনিদের বাঁচাতে ধার্মিক ক্রোধ
(ba khunider bachate dharmik krodh)
I don’t need religious hatred to save the murderers
আমার দরকার নাই আমার দরকার নাই আমার
(amar dorkar nai, amar dorkar nai amar)
No need, no need of mine
আমার দরকার নাই আমার দরকার নাই আমার।
(amar dorkar nai, amar dorkar nai amar)
No need, no need of mine
নাউ সস্তা কলরেটের নিশাচর লাভ
(nao shosta call rate er nishachor lav)
Cheap callrate, cheap nocturnal(illegal) profit
বাট রাত পোহালেই শিট পুরোটাই ব্লাফ হেই
(but rat pohalei shit purotai bluff hey)
Full of bluffs when the night is over
নাউ সস্তা কলরেটের নিশাচর লাভ
(nao shosta call rate er nishachor lav)
Cheap callrate, cheap nocturnal(illegal) profit
বাট রাত পোহালেই শিট পুরোটাই ব্লাফ
(but rat pohalei shit purotai bluff hey)
Full of bluffs when the night is over
দেখো একজোড়া জুলিয়েট তিন জোড়া রোমিও
(dekho ekjora juliet tin jora Romio)
Look, there’s a pair of Juliets and three pairs of Romio
হিসাব করিয়া নিয়া সকলেই থামিও
(hishab koriya niya shokolei thamio)
All of you! Calculate and then stop
লাগবেনা তোর সেই পুরাতন প্রেম
(lagbena tor sei puraton prem)
No need of those forgone romance
যেথা দুজনে মিলে বাঁধতো জীবনের ফ্রেম
(jetha dujone mile bandhto jiboner frame)
Where both of you would create a frame of life
আমার দরকার নাই
(amar dorkar nai)
I don’t need
আমার দরকার নাই তোর ভালবাসা
(amar dorkar nai tor valobasha)
I don’t need your love
আমার দরকার নাই আমার দরকার নাই আমার
(amar dorkar nai, amar dorkar nai amar)
No need, no need of mine
আমার দরকার নাই আমার দরকার নাই আমার।
(amar dorkar nai, amar dorkar nai amar)
No need, no need of mine
কাঁটাতারে তারে খণ্ড মাটি নিয়ে দ্বন্দ্ব
(katatare tare khondo mati niye dondo)
Division with those thorny fences and fights for boundaries of lands
উদার ধরণী তলে রক্তের গন্ধ
(udar dhoroni tole rokter gondho)
Smell the blood beneath this fertile soil
কাঁটাতারে তারে খণ্ড মাটি নিয়ে দ্বন্দ্ব
(katatare tare khondo mati niye dondo)
Division with those thorny fences and fights for boundaries of lands
উদার ধরণী তলে রক্তের গন্ধ
(udar dhoroni tole rokter gondho)
Smell the blood beneath this fertile soil
অন্যায় অবিচার ধর্ষন ব্যভিচার
(onnay obichar dhorshon bavichar)
Crime, Injustice, Rape, Adultery
বিবেক টা লকারে তালা মারা অধিকার
(bibek ta lokare tala mara odhikar)
Put your conscience in the locker and also your rights
লাগবেনা যুক্তি বা শান্তি চুক্তি
(lagbe na jukti ba shanti chukti)
No need of either logic or peace treaty
মানুষ মরুক মানুষ মরুক
(manush moruk, manush moruk)
Let the people die, let the people die
আমার মৃত্যুই মুক্তি
(amar mrittui mukti)
Death is my only freedom
আমি কি করবো জোনাকির আলোয়
(ami ki korbo jonakir aloy)
What am I gonna do in the light of those fireflies
এই আঁধারে?
(ei andhare)
In this darkness?
ক্ষীণ আলোর এ আশা আমার লাগবে না
(khino alor e asha amar lagbe na)
This fading hope of light – I don’t need at all
আমার দরকার নাই আমার দরকার নাই আমার
(amar dorkar nai, amar dorkar nai)
No need, no need of mine
আমার দরকার নাই আমার দরকার নাই আমার।
(amar dorkar nai, amar dorkar nai)
No need, no need of mine
আমার দরকার নাই
(amar dorkar nai)
I don’t need
আমার দরকার নাই
(amar dorkar nai)
I don’t need
আমার দরকার নাই।।
(amar dorkar nai)
I don’t need

US and World need to #FeelTheBern

“They say we are a divided nation and he kind of rejects that narrative. We are all in this together. Not me, Us – is what he believes.”

I am sitting here in the coffeeshop working, and I can hear the name “Bernie Sanders” from my surroundings from real human being again and again but unfortunately, you will never hear that name in television channel and main stream media! After watching the debate last night, I felt like there was only one wise man/woman on the debate stage, who does not want to win just for the sake of winning, who speaks the truth no matter what, who doesn’t want wars, but importantly, who really cares about people and who really wants to bring justice and fairness and improvement in the health and mind of the people and this country. This is all Bernie said yesterday, so you can judge yourself if you haven’t heard. Two important things to think about “1. Who can win against Trump by winning the swing states if Trump is still there? 2. Who can change the system through domestic and foreign policy so that people from home and abroad won’t have to worry about their health, education, children and then the world because of the climate change and regime change? “

And people who are supporting Buttigieg, are you guys nuts? He has 0% african american vote, what world are you living? The last democratic president was Barack Obama and he won by winning the african american votes, the same is true for Bill Clinton. Your intelligence really surprises me for many different reasons!


My Letters to a friend for “Why Bernie Sanders”, “Why against Trump and centrist Democratic candidates (including Elizabeth Warren!!!)”

I had this informal email conversation on democratic primary elections and candidates that I am feeling to share with my readers. Hope it helps for the right cause that I believe in.

Hi Carolyn,

    Glad to hear back from you. I left California and moved back to Indiana to finish my degree. I may be back next year and if I do, I would like very much to hang out with you guys, playing frisbee and stuff. My position that “Only a progressive can win against Trump”- you are right on that. And I will emphasize that again. A centrist, corrupt establishment tactics won’t work against the radical right, “will do anything, any crime no matter what to win” Trump base and right wing politicians. To defeat corrupt, evil Trump, you need the honest, truthful, street fighter like Bernie. Don’t trust polls, polls reflect what the total population of the country think at a time. Election doesn’t happen that way.. election happens state by state.. gradually increasing the momentum of the winner. So, basically democratic candidates who can not win the early swing states, will not win against Trump. And also, democratic candidate who does not appeal to a portion of Trump voters, black, latin, diverse voters, can not win against Trump. Candidate who can not energize people with their rhetoric to get out and really vote (specially the young people) will not win against Trump. Warren’s base is highly educated white population (like I guess you and many Californian democrats!). So, based on this ideas that I said, I firmly think only Bernie can win. I also think Yang is a good candidate who is now 4th and has real solution. But I am doubtful about Warren (and Yang, because he may not attract establishment democrats) because of her centrist policy, “will get along with the establishment, play along” strategy, because of her lies of being a native american (Pocahontas!) while getting into Harvard, because of her weak foreign policy (she just voted for Trump’s military budget), because of her taking money from corporations, pacs during general election and also channeling her corporate senate stage money now in the primary while claiming she is only running a grassroot movement like Bernie etc. Also the identity politics (vote because she will be the first woman!!) is not gonna hold either this time. But of course Warren will make a good president (way better than everybody else but Bernie) but she will ultimately be someone like Obama who wanted to do a lot of good things. And this country needs more, because it’s literally bleeding. And you truly need changes like FDR brought to this country to fight back the extreme inequality and extreme corporatist culture.
I would highly recommend to watch this video on Warren:
Anyway. My frustration is.. I am not a US citizen and I am not gonna vote. I hate Trump, I dislike warren because of their foreign policies. My interest in US politics come mainly from two standpoints- foreign policy and climate change. US is powerful and if they can’t fix their own democracy and if they can’t change their policy and strategies to fix climate crisis, this world is screwed. And that’s why I care to have a US president who understands and have humanistic values and against corporate greed. And this shift is needed all across the globe. Look what happened in UK, Boris Johnson, turned into UK prime minister, now pushing for Brexit. I am pretty sure.. it’s happened because of the rise of Trump. This right wing monstrous rise across the globe need to stop. Again.. my frustration is.. most americans are not educated enough on most of the policies and details of what’s going on domestically and internationally. And that’s why they elect someone like Trump! Because Americans vote someone based on whether they personally like them or not!!! riddiculous.
Have great days. See you.
On Mon, Sep 9, 2019 at 7:25 PM Carolyn Ray wrote:

Hi, Andy.

Your position that only a progressive can win against Trump is unusual. We
shall see. I hope that a progressive *can* win, but I’m not convinced yet.
Eric and I were just looking at the polls showing that 46% of the country
still approves of Trump, and asking each other, “Who ARE these people!?”
We are stepping up our efforts to get democrats to vote.

I’m also not sure how much a person’s debating skills matter; not that
many people watch the debates. But I do agree that Biden isn’t great at
expressing himself at this point; maybe he’s slipping in his old age.

Have you left town already? I thought I might see you again at frisbee and
lunch to continue discussions…

On Sat, Aug 3, 2019 at 12:19 PM
Hey Carolyn,
    Thanks for your email.
    Yes, you are right. Warren specifically is not taking large sum of money from corporations. My criticism was not specifically directed towards Warren. It was more towards Pete and others. And also you will have to look not just the campaign money, rather their previous links and associations.
    I don’t have much against Warren. I would like her to be even president. In fact, I want Bernie/Warren or Warren/Bernie together as president and VP.
    I don’t think anyone but a progressive (Bernie/Warren) can win against Trump, given that ultimately democrats will have to win midwest swing states like Obama/Biden won in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota ( For the same reason, established democrats think Biden may win.. but Biden can not because he is super bad at debates and he has multitude of issues with african americans, trade related issues etc. And I don’t think Warren can win there either. So, ultimately it seems to me only Bernie has the capability to win there and ultimately overturn Trump.
    Watch this recent video too:
    Thank you.

Another thing I want to add.. the biggest critique against Warren is that “both Tulsi & Bernie have (opposed) every military budget increase while Warren has (supported) it every time”. Warren will be as bad as Hillary Clinton in terms of foreign policies. But she will be as good as Bernie in terms of domestic policies. So, ultimately, who was right suited for every aspect.. comes down to Bernie. The only issue is his age and I think Tulsi can make a great VP. Anyway, I am a progressive and I do think only progressives can win against Trump.. no corporate dems like Harris, Pete and Biden have any freaking chance.. where US is right now. Thanks.


Just saw this donor related video

But being said that, I think Warren can change. But as you know, past always haunts..

On Fri, 2 Aug 2019, 11:35 Carolyn Ray, <> wrote:

Hi, Andy.

After we talked about this at lunch post-ultimate-frisbee, I looked at the
OpenSecrets site myself. It’s why I asked where you were getting your
information about these candidates’ donors. Then you sent me the link to
the web site that seemed to contradict what you’d said. There must be
something I’m missing. I thought you said something about Harris and
Warren being beholden to big corporations or oil or something like that.

Carolyn Ray, Ph.D.

A political revolution to come soon

Bernie Sanders. I like him. He seems to be the only politician in this country, who really understands what changes need to be brought to fix the mess American middle class family are suffering from. Look at his issue oriented camoaign:
a ) His staunch position for making people aware of climate change due to irresponsible human activities. I have no clue how all the Republican candidates can deny the scientific consensus and still run for the most important position on earth and how so many people can also blindly support them.
b) His opposition against wall street and desire to break the “too big to fail” banks. After the economic disaster and the controversial bail out, if anybody has read former managing director of Goldman Sachs and whistle-blower Nomi Prins, they can understand these banks are again constantly crucifying and bringing disaster for economy with their selfish greed and the strategy of quarterly profit maximization.

c) Tuition free public college is a wonderful idea that has already been implemented by several countries. It’s really nonsense to make profits from educational institutions the way it is currently operating around the country. Student debt has literally crushed so many students’ lives.

d) Campaign finance reform is his another political agenda. I think every sensible person knows that how super pacs and billionaire endorsements are influencing policies and how democracy is being threatened. I think Bernie, by avoiding super pac, has the highest credibility to effectively reform.

e) He wants to raise the minimum wage to 15 dollar per hour which I think is a great idea to improve so many workers’ lives and will definitely increase satisfaction. And in fact people will actually spend more which is also good for the economy.

f) He wants to fight for women’s right. In a civilized world like ours, we still have income inequality based on gender which is unacceptable. He wants to provide paid leave which I have no idea why we already don’t have. How on earth, a parent can leave their new borns to work.  LGBT community right is also important that he wants to focus on.

g) Institutional racism is another big issue. Initially Bernie was looking at the race issue with the lens of income inequality issues and employment opportunity imbalances. But I think now he is strategically reaching towards different race groups and expressing his earnest desire for change. He was part of civil right movements and I totally believe that he will really bring real changes.

If Bernie wins 2016 election and can really gather people for a revolution to change against all oppositions, it will really be a great achievement for contemporary human history. I am gladly waiting to see the next 9 years how america goes through the changes under President Bernie. If what he is promising can be achieved, that will bring hope to lots of countries where political changes are really required. Let’s hope for a better future.