Say “No” to wars plz!

Well, well, well, 2020 starts with the signal of another war.

It’s a real game of thrones right in front of our eyes! US just killed the Iranian general that millions of people in that region revere as their hero and savior. It’s almost like Cersei killing Ned Stark (from a muslim’s perspective) in the north for Ned Stark being extremely dangerous to the throne. May be some may argue that the analogy is incorrect, but it depends on the perspective of which side you take. I probably don’t need to explain who Cersei is here? And now Soleimani has two sons and two daughters who are probably going to grow up with hatred (what would you do if your father, the revered general of your country, was murdered on a drone strikes, swords are no longer used by the way!!), thousands of people in Iran and all across the world are ready to retaliate every opportunity they will get to take revenge on Americans and its troops, Iranian generals taking vows to revenge in the name of Islam. Americans abroad are being warned about their safety.

Soleimani is not innocent either. No general of any active troops can be innocent, he was rather a calm poised man filled with contempt. In fact he is a mastermind of probably many wars and conflicts. Soleimani killed a lot of American soldiers during Iraq war just like, he kept many Islamic militia groups under his arms in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine etc. The war Hawks, war mongering republican people are saying( if you read comments on the Foxx news YouTube) that Soleimani has brought that onto himself. Well, it’s their narrative.

So, US just killed the second most powerful leader in Iran and probably started this with the strategy of changing the Khameini regime ( or do they even have a strategy? Is stopping war by killing another powerful general a strategy?? Seems like they believe it to be a good strategy- STOP KILLING by KILLING – nice!!.. who knows’s like bombing Hiroshima to stop world war.. world can be a strange place.. comes with great cost.. isn’t it?). Soleimani used to always say that “He would be a martyr” one day and now the whole Islamic brotherhood has now one single chanting “Death to America” if you are following Iranian videos. Ah.. kill in the name of your God and religion.. sounds familiar!! God, I hate religion so much for this and only this reason only.

I have been reading Fox news and every right leaning war hawk is cheering what a victory this is! these people’s desire to go to war, thirst for blood and kill are just astounding to me. I almost lose faith in humanity. I mean, power struggle is hard and probably without conflict, it’s hard to change the world. But the history of killing each other is just so demoralizing, we have been doing these for thousands of years, this is so depressing. A huge can of worms might have been opened. US is definitely the super power and no other country has the power to win an all out war at this point, but do US war Hawks really want bloody wars again when they complain so much about deficits and debts? Do they not think about far future when they may not have as much strength as they do now? Did history teach nothing? The US officials say “If we are attacked, we will retaliate too.” I mean is this the world the world leaders want to create “threatening each other and killing each other’s generals”?

Anyway, they just made all the snakes to crawl into the den of the lion that US claims it to be. And there will be a lot of poisonous bites over decades here and there. People who read the history of wars in past couple decade really don’t need to watch Game of thrones or any fictions any more! The world is more fictitious and poisonous!

This is horrible, anybody has any bit of knowledge of foreign diplomacy knows how backward going this is! This may probably trigger birth of many potential suicide terrorists and terrorist organizations again. I won’t be surprised to see more suicide bombings in many US ally countries. Clinton and Obama had opportunity to attack Soleimani too, but they did not because of these sort of future consequences. Bernie Sanders opposed to Iraq and Afghanistan wars in the first place so that these sort of situations of revenge wars don’t happen altogether.

Republican presidents love fighting wars, don’t they? US just sent 3500 US soldiers to middle East last night sensing Iranian retaliation, where as Trump promised that he will bring back soldiers!! And they will come back wounded.. oh wait, republicans don’t have money for their health care now when they are back.. they don’t care when veterans become homeless.. sorry guys, no free lunch is their narrative when it comes to health care and housing and education..

Perpetual war, war and war.. where the world is undergoing climate change and so many other big issues, when we should be gathering together to find technological and diplomatic solution to make this world a better place.

We all know the power corrupts. History taught us many times why perpetual revenge taking never bring peace to the world.

I am very afraid, if US foreign policy does not change, the world has really dark future.

And my friends in US need to understand why it’s important to elect President who understand the importance of peace and foreign diplomacy.

Say “NO” to wars please.

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You and I – 5

I: I think I am full of superiority complex. I have this condescension and self-righteousness as I can see through. And why won’t I? I feel disgusted when I can see the stupid self-destructive actions people take. Why are people so stupid?

You: It’s an illusion. You come from what you have experienced. You may know certain things more. But you don’t know, can not know everything as you have not experienced everything. You only know your life and you see everything through your lens. You may be right in terms of what is to be done right, but you have no clue why they might not have been understanding what you understand.

I: I hate to fail.

You: It’s ok if you fail now. Accept the failure. It does not mean “You are THE FAILURE”.

I: I hate deadlines.

You: Deadlines are there so that you can enjoy the freedom afterward. Ultimately you are free and there is no rush. But don’t you want to accomplish things in life? If you do, then deadlines are your friends.

I: Is my physical experience that important?

You: Your physical appearance, experience are important. Because your mind lives inside your physical body.

I: Why am I so much bothered by the physical cravings – hunger for food, sex etc? They are killing me.

You: They are your physical needs which need to be dealt with for your mind to keep engaged and flourish. Neglecting them, you will starve yourself and feeling starved your mind will not let you who you can truly become.

I: Aren’t physical appearances just the way to attract other people?

You: Yes, but it depends on how you look. Our reality is that we already live in a society. You won’t be who you are if your parents wouldn’t raise you properly, if your closed ones wouldn’t love and take care of you. However, attracting other people may not be the final goal of life. Therefore, if you are in a place where your physical appearance is harming your mental peace- like if you are fat and feel shame, you are creating a problem for your own self. There are things you can try to reconcile with. You need to think about your priorities – what you really care about. But you need to believe that you can change. You should be able to hope. You are more than your body and your mind. So say when you feel vulnerable “I am not just my body. I am not just my mind either.”

I: What do you think about minimalistic life- making everything simple, possessing few things?

You: It might help you stay away from debt or pay off your debt. Letting redundant things go can save yourself from taking unnecessary burdens Depending on how you do it, it can be adventurous. You can be a digital nomad or an urban nomad. You can travel around, make more friends and have some exciting experiences. But you need to be brave and be ready to be surprised constantly and be prepared for dangerous experiences too.

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You and I – 4

I: I am thinking about the cycle of life. Imagine a mammoth tree; it starts from a seed planted on earth; then it grows to be a small plant; it gets taller, bigger and wider; it branches out, takes more space, becomes the nest of some birds, provides the shadows to the passersby; but one day after many years it die; it can no longer maintain its life.

You: So is the life of most animals and the human too. Is it not?

I: Yeah. I just realized that a full cycle of life has its peak and its valley. Let’s say when you were born you were in a valley, then you walked, walked, walked all the way up to the peak of a mountain, then you must have to come back to the valley in the other side. What is striking me the most is that it’s not a choice to stay either on the peak or the valley of the landscape. Time is forcing you to move and there is no constancy.

You: We are just experiencers experiencing life.

I: Then why do we attach ourselves too much to anything at all? Like our parents, our house, our babies, our career, our achievements, our this, our that.

You: Because at many moment in life, you have things or relationships which are replaceable and things or relationships which are irreplaceable. You are right that we delude ourselves with many of our assumptions and false expectations. But at the same time we require a certain purpose for us to live and move on the path from the valley to the peak, to the valley again. Many actually never reach the peak, many die on the way to the valley. There is probably no one exact peak either.

I: Life is confusing to me often times. I drive myself to achieve things, to go to places, to desire. I do things to make myself happy. But there are many things that make me unhappy. There are many desires that will never be fulfilled. But if I don’t chase, I will never achieve, right? But the process of chasing is tiring and makes me unhappy. Every rejections, failures break my heart, but when I stand up again, I become stronger. But there is probably no end of this cycle. Just like the day ends with a night and a night ends with a day. Or, a night starts with the end of a day and a day starts with the end of a night. But ultimately I will die one day. So is it that ultimately I just want to remain as happy as possible most of the times. That’s the goal?

You: Well, not a bad goal. Is it?

I: There is so much imperfection in this world. Don’t you think? So much unfairness, so much dirt.

You: Yeah. I guess we are in this mess because everyone is confused. Everyone knows for a fact that he or she is alive, feels pain, doesn’t want to feel pain, wants to be happy, wants to have things, can’t have things because of others, then wants to hurt others. A whole dynamics of give and take in unfair ways. And it’s good that our society is still progressing.

I: Are we really progressing towards a better world? I was reading this book. She is a writer from the past century. But her imagination, her wording, her observation just mesmerized me. I probably have never talked with a woman in the world of today where I live who is as convincing, creative like the author I was reading. But you see.. I guess most people these days don’t read or even write. Even I waste most of my time watching rubbish movies and videos than to explore my mind through reading or writing. It seems to me that all the advent of science and technology are making ourselves duller and duller, less of a human of some sort. We are losing more than we are supposed to gain as a human being. We are experiencing way less than our mind can truly conceive.

You: May be you are right.

I: I was also thinking that the society that we live in today doesn’t really have an incentive system for doing good deeds. We have clear incentive to be successful, to be dominant, but do we really have incentive to be just good persons? I guess it’s hard to establish such. Even though I have bad relationship with religion, I guess religion tried to exactly that- forcing people to do good with the fear of hell and God- that apparently doesn’t work. But in a world of today, does anyone want to be a good person anymore? What does it even mean by goodness?

You: These are hard questions. I wish I had answers. May be nobody has.


You and I – 1 :

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Oddness of existence

Pessimism alert! Bad trip alert!

However, I am optimistic.

I’ve been thinking about life and miseries and roaming on YouTube and watching some documentaries. It seems to me where ever you are, what relative condition a life is ticking, every living being seems like struggling and feeling pain and suffocation and longing for getting out of the cage. Each seems to desire to live in a better condition, has a goal where each wants to reach, but then it can not, and then it is frustrated and unhappy. Each seems to feel confined in its living condition. And it’s easy to die and the fear is real. It is like neverending unhappiness and struggle to live. All an individual animal and human think about are all that it don’t have, can’t have. Each has the survival instincts and the ability to feel joy and pain. Some are not naturally selected well. Some are trying to climb the ladder, some are falling, some are rising, some are winning, some are being extinguished. Some are not better equipped for existence, some are endowed with good social and physical environment, some are not. Some are lucky, but they feel unlucky. Some are unlucky, but are unaware of the way to bring a good fortune. For human, education and information acquisition seems necessary, but then even with education, with information you can feel trapped. It seems like in life feeling trapped is inevitable.

It was a wild trip for me through internet. Normally you call or recognize that you were in the dark side of internet or youtube after such trip, as if you try to kick yourself into the good reality from a bad one, as if you feel the desire that bad things don’t exist, at least not for you, you only want to watch the good stuff, feel the good feeling, as if you want to believe that your problems and miseries are the biggest problems on earth. But it’s not. But it’s also true that you are only stuck with yourself. The first and foremost thing is your wellbeing but it’s asy to be tricked if your world view is small nd not wide enough to have a global view of existence on our pale blue planet. All may be illusion, it’s hard to figure what’s real and what’s not, as most things are beyond your reach and beyond your subjective world.

Life should be easy to live. But the baggage from evolution, from culture are too hard and the trap seems to be too tight for any individual to break through.
I am on a peak of my personal realizations.
Nothing is weird.

My mind is mashed with conflicting thoughts. But it’s all good.

May be whatever you are, where ever you are, accepting and embracing it is the first step, and then the continuation. Being a human is probably lucky that you are uniquely positioned to think through all these. But then a human mind is so tricky, if it’s not filled with the positive stuff, if it’s not directed towards a good path, it can make a living hell out of itself even in the best livable condition. So, life is a blessing and a curse at the same time; it’s ultimately how it’s perceived. You can know the light, when you experienced darkness.. and vice versa.

If you want to have the same trip like mine…it will be a bad trip for you if you watch these videos sequentially.. . in total I probably watched 50 videos over a long time. Haha.

There’s also almost infinite good stuff and videos too on YouTube. You can always cherry pick and demand to see the good instead of the bad.

A struggling penguin..

Survival of a bear vs a seal

Tribal limitedness

A brothel in the south east

Unhappy women seeking for marriage

Crazy girlfriends

Unhappy rich people

Richness – Opportunity in block chain space

From my understanding of life, becoming a billionaire or becoming rich is not the goal of life. And I used to call myself ambitious, but I learnt to dislike the word “Ambition” now. Ambition is a self-centered outlook that only works within your context and is more often disconnected. I rather love the word “Vision” now and want to be a part in the bigger process for creativity.
Anyway, if you become rich, good for you. But I will value you for the things that matter for me or the society around, not for the things that you own personally. Being happy and feeling the passion for living and doing good things for you and people around you give you the purpose for living further and create. If you have realized the complexity of life and managed to remain happy, then probably you would like everyone to be happy around you with your rich mind or create jobs to employ people so that they can have better life. An inclusive mind and an inclusive society and an inclusive economy are what we should envision.
However, I am posting this to make you realize that there are people who seize the opportunity, who can see through and work hard to become what they become. And they create and contribute even more sometimes. And it should be inspiring for us to explore and may be find our own path to richness of both kinds. There will always be things in the hand of luck, but what you can change or take is what you should focus on. And that’s where the dimension of time comes into place. All we are losing is time every moment if we haven’t made the best use of it. I feel like the block chain, Bitcoin space is full of opportunities for many, for researchers, academicians, statisticians, economists, engineers, programmers, data scientists like me, businessman or woman, large companies, governments, individuals. For change, you need disruption sometimes. To be enthusiastic, you need something that excites. So, cheering for all of your endeavors and everyone to utilize your opportunities in this space to feel proud of. Hope you will create opportunities for others through your service of whatever kind.

But if you don’t want to read a story of a crypto billionaire, but rather prefer to read about philosophy from a Yogi about creativity, vision or ambition. Read this:

Have a great day, guys.

Thinking about intelligence

So.. we, human are intelligent beings. Life ,in general; here I am talking about all forms of life, not just human beings but all living beings, seems to be a race for acquiring more intelligence to solve the existing problems, improve the way of living and to infer and predict the future using the accumulated intelligence of present and past. Think about a typical day of yours. You wake up, shit, eat, think, plan, work, eat, shit, work, think, plan, play, mate, sleep, wake up… Now every human may have some uniqueness in how they organize or  re-orient these behaviors along with the plethora of common behaviors. And definitely these small changes, re-orientation or orders of behaviors make you different than me, make each one of us, in fact, unique, make a chimpanzee different than you even though chimpanzees share 96% of your DNA. However, I am trying to focus on the general common behaviors here to later mention the importance of intelligence. Think about a day from ancient time, may be just imagine that you were the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten from the 18th dynasty who ruled for 17 years and is especially noted for abandoning traditional Egyptian polytheism. Now you are reborn in this age. Now how different was your regular day then from now? Weren’t you going through the same cycle of daily events? And if you carefully look, lots animals also have the same behaviors, in a broad sense, except the important two behaviors – think and plan. So, thinking and planning are the keys. When a child is born in this world, it already has its innate human abilities, but then it needs to learn; it needs to learn to stand up, walk, talk, interact using all the senses. Learning can be challenging. The rate you learn is important, the way you learn is important, the desire to learn is important. What you learn from your surroundings is what defines you ultimately. In a way, it’s the matter of experiencing what’s happening outside you, acquiring knowledge about how physics, chemistry work, what is dangerous versus what is not, understanding your physical limitations, storing all the knowledge and being able to use them when necessary. Now how efficiently you can use the knowledge you gained gives a good measure of your intelligence. Sometimes just having enough information can give you an edge over others. Like, when you are pursuing a career.. Let’s say you are a doctor; that means you have more information about how human body works, how to treat certain abnormalities of human body which are known to be treatable, let’s say you are a physicist; you try to gain all the rules of the physical world and try to understand physical events of the universe and challenge yourself to answer some of the unsolved questions like when did time start, let’s say you are a farmer; you have the information about when to sow seeds, when to wipe away the weeds, when to water, if you are an agricultural engineer; you have information about how to engineer or breed new crops to produce more food. So, work of some sort in general requires gathering specific information related to that specific work. And as an intelligent being, you try to use your information, increase your knowledge, solve particular problems in your work area. The basic challenge of life is to feed yourself everyday which requires access to food, which requires access to money, which requires certain skills to earn money, which drives you to grow to learn certain things of your interest. A day is like planning different actions, making priorities for solving different problems of your life. So, thinking and planning are the two necessary things which you need to master. The better you can solve your problems of feeding yourself, entertaining yourself, communicating your needs, understanding others, gaining edge over others to prove your uniqueness, the more intelligent you are. I am looking everything from a problem solving perspective. Some may say that you need to learn about how to ask questions, how to approach, how to employ different solutions, how to look from different angles, how to think to identify the patterns, how to plan in an organized way and then how to execute accordingly. Now what will be super intelligence. Is it just the extension from intelligence, just to be able to store more information, compute more approaches so that you stumble upon new ways so that you can give better answers to the questions posed? I was watching Sam Harris asking whether we can build AI without losing control over it. I liked this part where he mentioned how we will just continue forever..

.., given how valuable intelligence and automation are, we will continue to improve our technology if we are at all able to. What could stop us from doing this? A full-scale nuclear war? A global pandemic? An asteroid impact? Justin Bieber becoming president of the United States?


The second assumption is that we will keep going. We will continue to improve our intelligent machines. 

He talks about general intelligence which ,in his words, is an ability to think flexibly across multiple domains.

Intelligence is a matter of information processing in physical systems. We have already built narrow intelligence into our machines, and many of these machines perform at a level of superhuman intelligence already. And we know that mere matter can give rise to what is called “general intelligence,” an ability to think flexibly across multiple domains, because our brains have managed it. 

I probably disagree when he said the rate of progress doesn’t matter, because any progress is enough to get us into the end zone. But may be he tried to mean somethings else. Then I also watched talking another visionary Ray Kurzweil. He gives a evolutionary history of how we reached where we are now as a mammal by expanding our pre-frontal cortex and then he proposes how we can take us to make another leap towards being more intelligent.

Anyway, it’s all exciting to think about how our futures will shape, how we will even define intelligence and how we will strive to be more intelligent.