You can only become something if you want to become something strongly putting aside the luck factor. Think about how a sportsman like a soccer player, basketball player, or a musician or an actor or a doctor or an engineer become successful. They learn, they work hard for years after years to gain skills. Same apply to business and money, it’s a skill to earn money and grow money via creating business, investing and many other means. However, lot of the professionals who work under somebody, who don’t take direct monetary responsibilities don’t know or avoid to know the ways to grow their money, because generally people are risk averse. For some reason, many people have negative mental association with money, may be it’s because most people with money are powerful and we see them abusing their power in our society. But at the same time, we need to acknowledge that if we want to do meaningful things, we need to understand the process of making money and channeling them to the right direction.

To stay sane in the path of money making in an honest and meaningful way, I believe we need a purpose like creating service, company to provide or create employment or innovate etc. Also, you succeed by failing many times, so resilience is key. Are most successful people money driven or purpose driven? I guess both can take you to riches, but may be the later is better. Let’s find purpose to stay motivated and work hard. Let’s strive to change and create. And money and success should follow.

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