Diversity in the Past and Present

Well, a lot of us are fan of Khaleesi on Game of Thrones(GOT) and her fire-exhaling Dragons. It’s then a natural question 🙂 whether there existed creatures who could breathe or exhale fire. And science answers with a big “No” as there’s no evidence. Apparently the Bible thumpers and the wishful imaginative thinking of us! It feels exciting to see those dragons on GOT though!!

I am reading “The Ancestor’s Tale” by RD and within few hours, I have learnt so much about mesmerizing animals with their own features on the planet which survived, diverged, got trapped etc. The jurassic park movie did a great job on Jurassic period, but there’s so much more story in our ancestry and concestry.

I wish there were GOT like fictions based on the animals/creatures that exist, as most of us are not fans of animal planet like channels.

What is this obsession with us with non-existentence when there’s such beauty in the existence? 🤔

The Ancestor’s Tale by R.D.

Sharks on Bitcoin

What the big three sharks are saying. Somewhat dumb, somewhat great! Investor’s hat is definitely crucial, but not always the best. And I always love the entrepreneur’s hat. Who wouldn’t like to have the both hats with all different colors and taste!! 😉

Shark tank is a great platform that filters entrepreneurs, startup, growing business. If you haven’t known or watched shark tanks, you should definitely start. We human being are idea generators, everybody has ideas. Everytime you walk on the street or malls, you come up with ideas, it’s just the few who take the leap to materialize. Shark tank will give you some glimpse of what I just said, when you will see how innocuous, small ideas can go big if it’s under the right arm. Shark tank is one of the things that I like in both the fat, obese, dumb, racist in one hand and multicultural, smart, free, open, entrepreneurial North America on the other. LoL.;)
If you get the joke. Haha. You become what you choose to..
Here’s a great playlist for popular shark tank videos and roastings. Enjoy. 🙂

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How to Read Scientific papers/Text books?

Reading scientific textbook. Novels tell stories, but scientific text books try to inform with the fact, evidence, assumptions and logics.

Goal: Being informed and educated

1. Don’t always read front to back
2. ‎Read for Big Ideas + Connect Ideas
3. ‎Read for key details
4. ‎Take good enough notes. Read the book once but your notes multiple times.

Break the chronological order. Because too easy to get lost in the miniscule.
a) Read the questions at the end?
‎b) Read the final summary/conclusion
‎c) Headings and subdivisions of the chapter
‎d) Read the final intro
‎Finally have the view from front to back.

Richness – Opportunity in block chain space

From my understanding of life, becoming a billionaire or becoming rich is not the goal of life. And I used to call myself ambitious, but I learnt to dislike the word “Ambition” now. Ambition is a self-centered outlook that only works within your context and is more often disconnected. I rather love the word “Vision” now and want to be a part in the bigger process for creativity.
Anyway, if you become rich, good for you. But I will value you for the things that matter for me or the society around, not for the things that you own personally. Being happy and feeling the passion for living and doing good things for you and people around you give you the purpose for living further and create. If you have realized the complexity of life and managed to remain happy, then probably you would like everyone to be happy around you with your rich mind or create jobs to employ people so that they can have better life. An inclusive mind and an inclusive society and an inclusive economy are what we should envision.
However, I am posting this to make you realize that there are people who seize the opportunity, who can see through and work hard to become what they become. And they create and contribute even more sometimes. And it should be inspiring for us to explore and may be find our own path to richness of both kinds. There will always be things in the hand of luck, but what you can change or take is what you should focus on. And that’s where the dimension of time comes into place. All we are losing is time every moment if we haven’t made the best use of it. I feel like the block chain, Bitcoin space is full of opportunities for many, for researchers, academicians, statisticians, economists, engineers, programmers, data scientists like me, businessman or woman, large companies, governments, individuals. For change, you need disruption sometimes. To be enthusiastic, you need something that excites. So, cheering for all of your endeavors and everyone to utilize your opportunities in this space to feel proud of. Hope you will create opportunities for others through your service of whatever kind.

But if you don’t want to read a story of a crypto billionaire, but rather prefer to read about philosophy from a Yogi about creativity, vision or ambition. Read this: http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/lifestyle/success/ambition-to-vision-more-to-all/

Have a great day, guys.


Optimism amidst Sadness in this Beautiful world

Don’t like or even read this post, coz you can get killed by someone who might think you are a threat to their ideas!! For me, I rather die saying things that I feel right. I am gonna die anyway.
It takes only a generation or two to make something come real. We probably don’t see changes in our day to day life, but when we look over a span of years, you can see how things have changed in your life or in the life of a nation.
A vivid example is soccer. Within a century, a form of sports can take over, can become the livelihood of millions. But it takes passion and effort for the beginners. Was just reading about soccer history in Spain as I am a La Liga fan and these thoughts are coming.
My country came into existence when my mom was a teenager. Another example can be the mathematics olympiad across the world. Another example can be the whole jewish people and their achievement of Nobel prizes and domination in the world of finance. Our average life expectancy is around 70-80 and that’s just enough to have so much difference, to see so many revolutions.
Even the other sports like cricket. May be the strongest example is Internet itself and social media like Facebook. I just wonder how it will be different when I will be old.
Time is so fluid. And time also had a beginning. It just doesn’t make sense about talking about time before Big Bang, because time began with that bang.
Who said we need super natural to have the purpose of our life? Just being a mere spectator of these cultural phenomenons sound enough for me to appreciate that I am alive. It’s totally awesome that using this little round thing over my body called brain I can try to comprehend the earth, the universe and everything in between. Ain’t it great? Do we really need heaven outside the realm of what’s real and what can be beautiful? I felt so sad, so threatened with an attack on one of the biggest intellectual of our country. Frankly, I wouldn’t be here trying to do science and dream my life if I were not inspired by Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal (http://www.dhakatribune.com/bangladesh/nation/2018/03/04/attacked-zafar-iqbal-enemy-islam/) and look what this moron is saying “I attacked him because he is the enemy of Islam”. This religious muslim dude doesn’t feel like a man has the right to live, he doesn’t feel like he is a fellow country man, he doesn’t feel like that he has changed thousands of people’s lives, inspired a whole generation of students. Yes, he is not perfect, he said and did things that you may not like. But for the sake of religion, you want to kill him. So easy it is to eliminate, my friend. Then there will be apologetics to say, “No, Islam is the religion of peace.” Every religion is the religion of peace, according to your logic, why are you choosing one then? I have no problem of you choosing one, then why do you have problem for me being outside of it. If you can’t convince me with your ideas, you have no right to stop me spreading the ideas I have. It should be free market of ideas. Well, probably not for you, coz this life is not important for you after all. So, you gotta kill everybody who says anything against you, so that you can ensure that Islam is the only valid idea. How sick religion can be? If you are peacefully religious I have nothing to say, coz I am peacefully non-religious. But when you want to take my life away, then there’s a big problem. Isn’t it?
I feel scared how people want to kill other people in the name of God, how people threaten other people because they don’t like certain ideas, how people get offended so easily, how merely some conversation gets you into fight, just feel so sad that people don’t see the bigger picture?
The idea in a religious mind that this world is not the ultimate, rather this is just a playing ground for something substantially larger after death according to some scripture, just can be terrifying. If you can’t appreciate living this life, and are only thinking about what’s coming after, you are not living in your present at all. Living in present is not living materialistically. You can not change anything with that mindset as this world is not important for you. How sick the idea of heaven and hell is? I have lost so many friends of mine who avoid me because I am an agnostic, there’s a good amount of chance that I will be killed some day being vocal about it like some bloggers in my country living nightmarish life. I stopped talking, writing about these for a while, but sometimes it’s just hard not to say things when events like these occur.
We are so scared of religious fanatics. Interestingly I do pray several times a day, as islamic prayer for me is like transcendental vedic meditation to calm me, center me, I hanged out in hindu temples, I will probably go to Tibet with some friends to hang out with some buddhist monks, I read quran, bible, listen some religious soungs, because I appreciate the rhythm, the beauty and the words, the wiseness, the history but I can’t believe literally everything that’s been said in a pre-historic world.
I am just simply open minded, I am open to the idea that I can be wrong, I can make mistakes because simply I am human and I can only know this much in my lifetime. There’s so much that I don’t know. I don’t even invalidate the possibility of existence of a super natural almighty but merely realize that the probability of such existence in nearly zero presence of evidence is very low. And even if the big He exists, that just has nothing to do with these man made religions like Islam, Christianity and everything else with their own stories and dogmas. I believe, if anything, even with the smallest, smallest, tiniest probability of a God being existent, will not make any of his creation to suffer in hell, if he is all that powerful, he doesn’t require us to worship, such a powerful existence requires nothing, he doesn’t require to punish you by burning, even if he exists with again a miniscule probability. The idea of an angry God or Allah, a possessive, manipulative, personal God who wants you to live in a certain way, who looks at you through his firista or angels in every single moment, even when you are musterbating, is such a fanatic, sick and disturbing idea. And everybody who buys it with fear, I just sigh! But I will protect your right of doing whatever you want. You don’t even need to listen to me if you don’t want. But don’t obstruct those who want to listen, please.
Mindfulness is important but being deluded that this world is not important to change, to be happy, to not work for eliminating gender inequality, poverty, bigger issues because of some reward or punishment in after life, just sickens me. Resources are scarce and we compete to get a job, to find food, to find potential partners, but probably in the process we sometimes forget that it’s not all about competition and corruption, it’s about just living as best as you can, that doesn’t have to bring suffering to another fellow human being. I am a vegan now, so I can extend that to even any fellow sentient living being, like animals, fish. Why will you want to inflict suffering on something that feels pain? What kind of sickness is that unless you require inflicting pain for your own survival like we had to when we were hunter gatherers, we were in extreme living conditions. We no longer need to inflict pain on a fellow human being and even on anything that feels pain to live a better healthy life, so let’s not bring suffering to this world anymore. This world has seen enough suffering, it doesn’t require more.
How far are you from being a simple human being embracing everyone, making borders and walls between each other? I just hope we merely embrace life as it is, can see a bigger, beautiful picture and not be afraid of anything and be happy.
Anything is achievable. Just live without delusion.
Anyway, my thoughts have flown so far unexpectedly, back to the history of soccer in spain to cool down.
“The origin of soccer is said to be in Western Europe. However, the exact place of its origin is disputed. England, France and Spain are the strong contenders. The honor of organizing the first Football Association, the first Football National team and the first set of common rules for the game of soccer all goes to England.
Taking inspiration from the English, Spain formed their own soccer organization in 1909 and was named as Royal Spanish Football Federation. The preparation for the La Liga started in 1927, although the tournament was played in 1928. In the beginning, there were 10 teams, which were picked to play in the tournament. Most of them were former winners of the Copa del Rey, the Spanish cup, that outdates the La Liga in Spain. The clubs who went onto write the history of Spanish soccer were FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arenas Club de Getxo, Real Union, Real Sociedad, Athletic Bilbao, Atletico Aviacion (Atletico Madrid), RCD Espanyol, CE Europa and Racing Santander. Although the last four have never owned the Spanish cup, they were runner ups, therefore, they were granted place in the newly formed league.
Every town in Spain is known to have a football ground and team as well. Indoor football is played in various sports centers throughout the country. It is often said, that Spanish children learn to play football almost as soon as they learn to walk. Therefore, it is not uncommon, that the most promising players are picked up by the major clubs and coached from an early age.”