A better world to hope for

Sometimes I have a grim view towards life when I see the pain, selfishness and suffering everywhere. May be our suffering emerges from the simple view that we like to think ourselves as the center of universe. Some sufferings are truly unnecessary, unjust and should and will be eradicated. As every experience is subjective, it’s difficult to wrap your head around a lot of complex, sometimes narcissistic ideas. I personally am spiritual but sometimes can’t stand against the spiritual bullshits. So, I become hopeless when I am tired and feel to give up. But as long as kids from all color, race and background co-exist who are driven to change the world for everyone, I should not lose hope for humanity. Life can be better as long as we strive for it. Compassion and altruism is a win for you-win for others position, but selfishness is a win for you-loss for others position. It’s not very hard for me to choose between these two paths.

The World’s 50 Smartest Teenagers


And I’d probably change the headline of the article from “smartest” to “compassionate”. Coz human seems to be motivated to do phenomenal things when they see good purpose.



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