Bengal Basin

Learning about the Bengal basin for one of my earth science project. It’s great to clearly know now how the big delta has been formed through Assam basin to Bengal to Himalayas. The formation of the rocks and rivers made my small, beautiful country so green and fertile and full of resources like natural gas and potentially oil in the north-east side. The biggest mangrove forest in the south which is facing great struggle. Studying tectonic plate movements are fundamental to figure out about earth quakes and natural hazards like floods etc. which kill hundreds of people every year. Unfortunately there’s so much lack of knowledge and expertise for evaluating our resources and further extract to grow our economy. We are forced to rely on foreign expertise and be tricked all the time. And also the preservation of wild life and forests are so necessary that people don’t recognize. And the good old corruption and incompetence everywhere is just insane.
I probably would have never learnt the importance of geographical studies on a nation’s economy if I wouldn’t pursue earth science now, so I feel like a great deficiency in how we teach the next generations about our own geography and diversity. Lots to be done to spread information and make people value what we have and stop complaining about what we don’t have!
Today my younger brother in junior school was asking me if everyone can buy question papers for examinations (which has plagued Bangladeshi education system) to get good grades, why should he study the whole year? I had to explain him the value of knowledge and tell him why he shouldn’t be like another corrupt student. It’s so saddening ! Hope I can still be optimistic amidst everything sad.