Recent Crypto Coin Dynamics of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Litecoin, Stellar and Monero

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 2.19.39 PM

You will realize the significance level of the top 7 cryptocurrency if you look at this chart.
1. Bitcoin: BTC (Yellow dotted curve)
2. Ethereum: ETH (Blue dotted curve)
3. Litecoin: LTC (Aliceblue dotted curve)
4. Ripple: XMR (Orange dotted curve)
5. Cardano: ADA ( Brown dotted curve)
6. Stellar Lumen: XLM (Light green dotted curve)
7. Monero: XMR (Pink dotted curve)

This chart shows you the price of these 7 major crypto coins from September till now. If you look at the pink rectangle, you can realize how Ethereum(dark blue), Monero(pink), Litecoin(alice blue), Stellar(Light green) has higher price than bitcoin (yellow). But, they were not always higher, look during november, everything was less valued than bitcoin (yellow curve is at the top in Nov 2017). As Bitcoin’s price had an upward trend during the end of december, all the coin price also saw upward trend. But as Bitcoin’s price is going down, some coins are holding their value but some are losing their value. You can see, underneath the pink rectangle, falls the two coin Cardano(brown) and Ripple(Orange), these two coins are losing their value. However, Ripple had higher values in early January as you can see if you look at the last peak for all coins near Jan 2018. I never had too much confidence in Ripple as it somehow defeats the idea of crypto currency with its centralized feature (But who knows it may see light again if it can deliver its promises). Ultimately, money will flock to services which have higher utility and can gain trust.
So, these should give you some rough idea about the coin dynamics. A successful coin economy depends on how the market share or daily volume of trade is going on that coin landscape. It’s kind of similar to how Forex (Foreign Exchange market) market where currencies are traded moves, how US dollar influences Euro or Japanese Yen, or Chinese Renminbi, or Bangladeshi Taka. Hope you have an idea of evaluating crypto coins and their potential gains or losses over time and can make educated investment decisions. And I guess you can see how crypto exchange market is going to look like in future.

Bitcoin – how it was perceived in 2013?

A talk from 2013 at TED(Technlogy, Entertainment and Design). Watch the talk, and think what is different in the talk in 2013 from what it is now in 2018 after nearly 5 years. Enjoy!

Around the time, I first heard about bitcoin and got mind blown when I realized it could potentially give birth to a global currency. I’m lucky to find the talk for you all again, while exploring the TED talks. Even though Bitcoin was born with the dream of being a global curerncy, however, now a days, it’s mainly being treated as a digital gold or asset where you invest your money with the hope for making profit. But when I knew about Bitcoin, I didn’t get excited by it’s profit-making ability, rather, I was excited by how a currency can be established without the authority of any government by simply using some mathematics, cryptography and algorithms. The beauty of mathematics and the power of internet mesmerized me in significant way and I started learning more. Since then, it has evolved so much, it has experienced so much, it’s been popularized all around the world, criminalized in countries, stolen, hacked and what not ! So, it may not turn into a currency. Who will buy his coffee today with 0.00036 BTC(~ 3 USD) which may be 360 USD (when 1 BTC ~ 1,000,000 USD) ? It sounds foolish. But trust me I have bought my dinner in an Indian restaurant named Khana Khazana in West Lafayette with bitcoin which will be worth more than that in 2020. I don’t regret it, because I didn’t care, what will be it’s value in future, rather that I and the fellow bitcoiners were more excited to be able to use bitcoin to buy our food. So, may be, not bitcoin, but some other crypto currency will be a global coin. Governments will now create their own crypto coin( But however the future will be, it’s gonna be an interesting one in terms of how we will use our money. When something is exciting, you can always smell it when you play with it, and this video just reminded me of my memories. Hope when I am old, I can say to my grandchildren that I was part of a monetary revolution.

A better world to hope for

Sometimes I have a grim view towards life when I see the pain, selfishness and suffering everywhere. May be our suffering emerges from the simple view that we like to think ourselves as the center of universe. Some sufferings are truly unnecessary, unjust and should and will be eradicated. As every experience is subjective, it’s difficult to wrap your head around a lot of complex, sometimes narcissistic ideas. I personally am spiritual but sometimes can’t stand against the spiritual bullshits. So, I become hopeless when I am tired and feel to give up. But as long as kids from all color, race and background co-exist who are driven to change the world for everyone, I should not lose hope for humanity. Life can be better as long as we strive for it. Compassion and altruism is a win for you-win for others position, but selfishness is a win for you-loss for others position. It’s not very hard for me to choose between these two paths.

The World’s 50 Smartest Teenagers

And I’d probably change the headline of the article from “smartest” to “compassionate”. Coz human seems to be motivated to do phenomenal things when they see good purpose.



Bengal Basin

Learning about the Bengal basin for one of my earth science project. It’s great to clearly know now how the big delta has been formed through Assam basin to Bengal to Himalayas. The formation of the rocks and rivers made my small, beautiful country so green and fertile and full of resources like natural gas and potentially oil in the north-east side. The biggest mangrove forest in the south which is facing great struggle. Studying tectonic plate movements are fundamental to figure out about earth quakes and natural hazards like floods etc. which kill hundreds of people every year. Unfortunately there’s so much lack of knowledge and expertise for evaluating our resources and further extract to grow our economy. We are forced to rely on foreign expertise and be tricked all the time. And also the preservation of wild life and forests are so necessary that people don’t recognize. And the good old corruption and incompetence everywhere is just insane.
I probably would have never learnt the importance of geographical studies on a nation’s economy if I wouldn’t pursue earth science now, so I feel like a great deficiency in how we teach the next generations about our own geography and diversity. Lots to be done to spread information and make people value what we have and stop complaining about what we don’t have!
Today my younger brother in junior school was asking me if everyone can buy question papers for examinations (which has plagued Bangladeshi education system) to get good grades, why should he study the whole year? I had to explain him the value of knowledge and tell him why he shouldn’t be like another corrupt student. It’s so saddening ! Hope I can still be optimistic amidst everything sad.