I have this fear of being lonely. I just don’t want to be lonely. I always want to have some people around me talking, laughing or making jokes. But I have actually tried a number of times to keep myself disconnected. But too much isolation never helps me a lot, it just reduces my confidence to live every day productively. Productivity was something I always cared about till recently. My past few months were really unproductive. I’ve never been stuck with myself before. I’m now frustrated with my daily performance. I’m having issues with working long hours, giving full concentration to something that I even like. However, there were so many external factors that blew me away. I think I am very weak against rejection. Probably most of the people are like that. Some rejections can be really hard to put aside. But any motivated hard working person needs to be resilient against rejection. I have apparently lost my resilience. I am trying to hold few things that I need to let go forever. I need some miracle.